Tell me what's the move (what's the- what's the-)
Tell me what's the move
What u make me go thru (go thru, go thru)
There's only so much I can do (so much)

[Verse 1]
Flow mcfly I brought the f**king future back (back)
Spitting out some scooby snacks
I grab the mic as if he slapped my girlfriend ass
And let it ring
Like every f**king pizza place I call
Around 11 fried as f**k it's just a medium cheese and drink it's not that hard (come on)
A lil pump of creamy caesar sauce and make the cheese havarti
My scriptures never holy (grrr)
I pull this sh*t from pits and beat the sh*t from it until it tells me stories
About it's former glory (lemme, hear)
About a distant war with swords to spill the blood of royal figures kind of gory
Horror story
Michael Myers walking thru the fire in the second one when Loomis flicked the lighter lit the ether f**ked the both of em up I'll win even if it kills me (yuh)
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