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"Can You Feel It?"

Can u feel it?
Baby can u feel it?
Tell me can u feel it?
Can u feel it?
Can u? (x2)

Dreams of doin 90 on the freeway
In a brand new sports car, supports leeway
So i can fit the squad inside and blast the sh*t that we make
And we can give opinions based on what we feelin each day
Today im feelin blessa
Come from black mesa
Please dont call me i dont know u, just a heads up
Hope for sunny days, blue glaze in the atmosphere
I blast back with a tac from the haunted hills
Can't touch me on the 90s flow old sh*t
Get ur words and ur bread up or u done quick
Bred from the xos and ovos alike
But i still got bars for anyone, like turkish delights
If u wanted c*cky then u got it
Im delusional, i been namin myself the cream crop, b*tch
At the bottom but i feel im on the high ground
Cuz all i see is heads, dead prez’s all around

Can u feel it?
Baby can u feel it?
Tell me can u feel it?
Can u feel it?
Can u? (x2)

Can u feel it
Just made the deal and sealed it
Now this medicine inside me
Got me spinning like a ceiling fan
Bad behaviour block the art
My flow is permabanned
I heard you man
Youre never gonna mess with me
Im too advanced
Saucy with it
Flow is diarheaa
And my mouth told me i pooed my pants
I got lettuce on my head im like the salad man
Rubber bands
Up inside the mattress in the camping van
Just in case im in need of a back up plan
Anti social
My old friends are who im close to
I kept the rest at the distance
I come across as a cold dude
So rude
Stinky weed
In the bong tube
Smell like old food
Could use some soap and a sponge too
When we come thru
Nv always set the mood
Straight with the beef
But these other rappers tofu
I miss the old you
Is what the tell me
If i was planning on never evolving
Id miss him too
Spring weather i couldn't remain a zero
Hit that life with the vito i feel like robert de niro

Out the godfather
See people trashing a style when their name is on the charter
I came to push my genre further
I dont give a f*ck about whos smarter

Can u feel it
Can u feel it baby
Can u feel it
Tell me can you feel it

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