Don't go to the party baby I ain't with it
Don't go to the party baby I ain't with it
Don't go to the party baby I ain't with it
I ain't with it, I ain't with it
Are you keeping mystic f**ks?
I could snort a [?] lust get me lately with the rush
F**k 'em, I just come for drugs
Hit a bowl yeah, I feel it in my lungs yea, feel it in my lungs yea

I'on want the party
I'on in the money
But that chick she want me
Playboi like I'm carti
Don't go to the party, baby
9tails hit the carty baby
Tell me that it's not you, baby
I been in a voice mail saying:
He say that you want it
You know that you got it
You know you're a b*t*h girl, I'm just being honest
How your necklace shinin'
Raries here on my hips
All this sh*t you flighting
Tell me how you got it

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