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"Kinda Like A Big Deal"

[Intro: Nero]
One more, Rambo
Get comfortable real quick, DJ Booth

[Verse 1: Nero]
I'm kinda like a big deal
Starring role in my life, let me show you how the kid feels
We can get it on, i'm the youngest veteran
Red, black, green, spin the wheel all bets are on
Spot lights get bright as soon as i hit the song
Feel the temperature drop soon as my kicks is on
Stay still too long and you done lost your head
You wanna talk dough? well let's part a bread
So progressive, i fought ahead
You can sleep on me but i'm still moving [?]
But don't go chase a waterfalls homie
Cause i'm the lock ness out to slaughter y'all homie
Under the welcome mat, i'm so lowkey
You know the music but you really don't know me
Thats why i O.D, so much pain
I'm a man uncontrollable to no such brain
Uh, aight, let me show you how i'm living

[Verse 2: Capital STEEZ]
See i'm more than just a big deal
Ladies and gentlemen STEEZ is in the building so freeze if you're irrelevant
From a age of pants sagging and snapping comes a rapper
Who is it? clapping and skipping backwoods
Would skip past it, but just to set the record straight
I'm feeling great, and the whole industry is my dinner plate
With imposters and beef raps on welfare
Trust that i'm not new to this, you dealing with a [?]
And me and Jakk became a bit of a problem
How we sh*tting on guys for even thinking of trying us
And if you need some correction with your [?]
Then my boy will happily write you a new prescription
Listen, very few can compare to me
I am more delirious than i appear to be
And i will murder you lyrically or just physically
Itching to catch a victim, who willing to test the wizardry
Seriously, seriously, wait, you're kidding me?
I mean we vets to the game, no injuries

[Verse 3: Jakk the Rhymer]
Aight y'all, here's a couple eight balls for your nostrils
Kicks it like socrates feet for apostles
Seed to the sound, spits hot feces
Im front page news, y'all bound to the creases
Keep ya head down, y'all bowing to the Cesars
Catch me accompanying [?] where the trees is
Turn fans into fiends, get 'em high on [?]
You can say i [?] like [?]
The ripper in the smog, finna take his
The underground from the basment to the majors
Look, they say my style ain't [?] homie
I'm flowing like i boiled it, swallow the swag [?]
[?] and STEEZY, we open doors with this f*cking raw, yes, we lords in the text
They say that, new sound is just new stress
But who next? we holding this b*tch down like two vets
We on to the next, their flows we fathered, i don't get boxed up
I drop [?]
With knockout hits, yeah we [?]

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