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I’m wishing all this pain inside my life would cease
It's like a disease, on my soul it feeds
Take me to the bottom of the creek
I'ma sit with the leach
I'ma learn what he teach
f*ck em all, f*ck you mean?

I've been on my own for so long
I can't look back b*tch I am too far gone
I've been working on my own, yeah I work a lot
Cause I take it so far place they haven’t gone
Yea woah I just look around
It's like I do not feel that I belong inside my town
They ridicule they hate what I'ma do
I'm just waiting for the day that I'm looking right at you

Cause I do not f*ck around
I get the pound I bust it down
I'ma burn it to myself, make sure there's no others around
Cause no one else deserves what I earn
I've been sitting on my perch like a bird

Get served then I'm out, need my money then I bounce
Back to the house, in my room, rolling up cocoons
Light it up, what it do
Need the weed to stabilize my mood
Before i unleash act a fool, that's what I'm bout to do

Reroute your move if you ain't bout it son
I think your thoughts they clouded, huh?
You speaking but you acting up
Leave you with passing dust
My passion is too much
You lagging, in no rush
That's why your dreams you do not touch

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