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"Blood Storm"

[Verse 1: Crypt the Warchild]
You ain't never seen life through the eyes of a killer
Same eyes looking at me, that's the guy in the mirror
High to the day I die, this how I'm living
Whiskey in a jar, been scarred since the beginning
Time to shut the game down, bottom of the ninth inning
Thoughts on losing everything, kind of got my mind spinning
Yeah, this that blood, sweat and tears
Picking out your enemies, sifting through your peers
See everything high-def, so it's crystal clear
Official pistol be the gang, yes, we are up in here
Forming like a pyramid, 'nother level 'nother tier
Running rebel clutching metal, murder everything that's near
I've been buried alive, they oughta unearth me
It's a little too late, for God to unbirth me
Please adhere, when I say I'm bloodthirsty
I'm on a killing spree, I show no mercy

[Hook x2: Planetary]
Ever looked into a killer's eyes?
Blood shot red, knowing that he ill advise
That's the way the Army play, we can never die
Reborn after death, we can't let it slide

[Verse 2: Celph Titled]
Throw my dirt by my lonesome, I'm the lone gunman
But I got shooters, call me if you need me to loan gun man (What you need?)
Move up the digital scale, they're not original
They're stale, we are the Army
We are embraced well (a-ha)
I make mail, screening on my cars
Next to my screened in pool
Collect property, put a lean on you (yeah)
Demons on my shoulder and they speak some
I don't believe in ghosts, I never seen one
The blunt contains ten grams
Pharaohs live show ten grands for each man, so I call Crypt and Plan
Officiate the pistols, feds f*ck with this squadron
We'll melt the government office to a bubbling cauldron
Smoldering, smoking, oxygen tank explosions
Thrown thirty kilometers, dislodging your ribs open
These are the visions that I see in my dreams
Trained to kill since birth when AOTP's the team

[Hook x2: Planetary]

[Verse 3: Des Devious]
Yeah, it comes natural
Stalk a prey like a predator and then I capture you
The jux is the sweet part, I'm stomping your weak heart
Your team next to depart, they after you
AOTP not acquainted with fear
No, we on that Bonecrusher sh*t, n*gga we are Never Scared
To put it to work, up that earth
Throw your body in and fill that hole back with dirt
For real, won't converse with you, we let the things talk
Then outline you for the cops in pink sidewalk chalk
Cause you been a b*tch
And we been some b*tch killers since day one
Pass it down to my son
The day'll never come that I ain't strapped with a gun
Five-seven on me, always ready for whatever comes
All my bullets slug, got enough to spray for everyone
Three thirty round extended clips'll get the job done
Duck, run and hide, hide motherf*cker, hide
Should've took heed when they told you I was ill advised
Taking off my shades so you can look into a killer's eyes
Official pistol gang, n*ggas specialize in homicide
Official pistol gang, n*ggas specialize in homicide

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