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"Cum at me (look at me remix)"

Yah,aye,yah,aye,f*ck yah,booty hole,haha,ya,butt sex,aye,aye

[Verse 1]
I want that p*nis so bad,aye
Can't keep that di*k out my ass, aye
di*k is so good I want more, aye
He hit it raw on the floor, aye
I took his di*k out his pants, aye
I suck him so in advance, aye
I put my tounge on his c*ck, aye
Lick in his di*k and I grin, aye
Just finished rubbing the sack, aye
He sticked his di*k in my back, aye
Booty is big and loose, aye
He wanna f*ck on the roof, aye
You put a di*k in my ass, aye
I let you c*m in advance, aye
Ate that creampie like a smoothie
I let him nut on my booty

Come at me, nut on me, nut on me, f*ck on me, suck on me, love on me, nut on me, ya yahh, nut on me, come at me, nut on me, yah, nut on me, nut on me, come at me, nut on me, yah

Shouts out to the c*ck in them
No negative energy where just gonna have positive energy my name is XXXTENTACION and I aprove this message
Yo shout out di*k in them

[Verse 2]
You ever seen a n*gga lick on a c*m stain
Rather f*ck up in my cousin, never feel ashamed
Booty so soft, he nutted on my as*h*le
Sucking on the c*ck and getting f*cked by ski mask, bruh
n*ggas rather eat on the booty then just f*ck it
I let that n*gga f*ck me for two minutes and he nutted
Grab up on my booty, lay up on the bed we hump
And then you suck the c*ck and you say you had enough
Licking on the booty and he gave me a erection
f*ck on his di*k and its like a c-section
I know you have your condoms ready but oh damn, I like to get it raw for real lets get it in for sure
You rather hear me say f*ck straight n*ggas then the c*mshot shot me and the gayness started coming in
di*ks an illusion, I'm mind blown
It's scary man I know that men can't have no f*cking period
I wouldn't dare say that we should stop the fruitness
Take a di*k, up my butt, quick nut, licking it

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