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Puma Blue


*For the next hour, we're gonna be presenting to you, on video, some of the most bizarre and unbelievable things that we have ever presented through television efforts
I also think you should know that we accept responsibility for saying upfront that what you're gonna see and hear is terrifying. I do not want to be responsible for allowing children in the room who are not prepared for this.*

Ah, yeah
Now, when I was all types of cool
Never listened to what they said in school
Because they had nothing to teach me
I knew from the start that I was freaky
But that was only one step from funky and
So became a long journey to acquire money
With which to make fantasies realities
And the actuality is what happened to me
Is that I took a little trip
Came back and I was half a b*tch that I was before
Then I had to fall through that second door
To the basement floor
And once I was at that foundation
I sought the powers of creation
They were snaking through my heels and through my feet
And then they spilled out upon the beat and when I touch the keys
I couldn't grasp it
And I have to ask it
What you wanna do in this life?
So sad and so strange
All I know is that whichever way it ends up the same
And it seems so chill when you see me on the surface
But deep below you feel the nervous system
You'll be creeping with 'em
And all the creepy rhythms that I have got up in my life
They make me feel so good, they make feels so nice
And so I got to say (say it)
Just a little closer
And I gotta give recognition where it's due
And I'd like to thank the state of Maine
First of all
Gotta give it out to the river motherf*cker
And I, I've got to thank my man [?]
Otherwise known as Smithereens among other things
And if you've seen it on the streets and in the people
Then you know
Oh I gotta put this on the table
And I'd like to thank my man [?]
For doin' all that sh*t with his p*nis
You know it, you got it, you take it
And then I gotta thank all the people who ever went and made me cry
Because now they made me get my f*cking act so right
And so I'm- ah, oh, it's, ah
I know that I've got it all correct

*All just like, secrets and bullsh*t*

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