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[Intro: Lil B]
Oh my god Keyboard, you're so based
Keyboard on the beat

[Verse: Tay-K]
b*tch, I am Lil' Tay-K and I'm back on my bullsh*t (Tay-K)
I'm with Keyboard Kid, yeah, Based World, he's a cool kid (Based World)
Run up on Lil' Tay-K, n*gga, you gon' catch a full clip (lil' bih)
b*tch I got that chopper, I am not afraid to pull it (chop, chop)
I had your b*tch sucking di*k, yeah that b*tch was drooling (top, top)
And she cannot f*ck with it, I can't f*ck with coo (gang)
I can't f*ck with n*ggas that be Bloods, b*tch I'm Coolin' (gang, b*tch)
I can't f*ck with n*ggas but my Cuz, cause I'm Coolin' (gang)
I can't f*ck with her 'less she got a bag I could put my tool in (b*tch where yo' bag?)
I can't f*ck with her 'less she got a dad that I can cool with (b*tch where yo' dad at?)
I can't cuddle with no thot, I can't do no spoonin'
I could pull her hair, but, that's all that I'm doin' (don't)
b*tch, I got this .45, it's 12 inches, so I'm rulin' (grrah)
n*gga I'm runnin' from the po-po, I got yo' b*tch movin' (skrt, skrt)
sh*ttin' on yo' n*gga, he is broke so I'm poopin' (lil' b*tch)
Your b*tch suck my di*k, swear to god she is not human
b*tch I got on Gosha undercover, I'm amusin' (swag)
Better go with the motion, gotta go dat way, I'm movin' (baow)

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