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Will Smith

"We Got a Job to Do"

The choppers are approaching Midway City, with large smoke pillars seen from a distance. We then see the Joker driving away in a car, staring at a cellphone. Back in the chopper, Harley has received his text: “I’m coming for you”. Deadshot was staring at it, and Harley shushes him. As the helicopters continue to fly, Harley eventually notices the pillar in the distance.
HARLEY:Look at the pretty lights! Are you guys seein' this?
DEADSHOT: What happened?
FLAG: Terror attack. Dirty bombs, bad guys shooting up the place with AKs. You know, usual sh*t.
DEADSHOT: Right. Yeah, you're a bad liar. I don't know if they told you ...but I'm a hitman. I'm not a fireman. I don't save people.
FLAG: Anything for a dollar, right?
DEADSHOT: You know the dark places, too. Don't act like you don't.
FLAG: I'm a soldier! And you're a serial killer who takes credit cards. When the shooting starts ... and it will, you'll cut and run.
The chopper is shot down by something on the ground.
Pilot: Six- one is going down. Six- one is going down hard. Stand by. Drop the ramp.
It crash-lands, rotating a lot before stopping. Another helicopter, filled with troops, lands nearby. After a shot from Waller checking from her command room, Task Force X is seen leaving the wreckage.
HARLEY:What a ride!

Back to Waller.
FLAG [on radio]: We're okay. We're okay. Assets are undamaged.
The troops walk onto the abandoned downtown district, where the luminous billboards read “mandatory evacuation in effect”. Eventually it closes on Boomerang, who approaches Slipknot.
BOOMERANG:Mind games.
SLIPKNOT: What's that?
BOOMERANG:All this bomb in the neck crap. That ain't real, mate See. they're trying to trap us with our own minds. right? But you look around, we're free, brah.
SLIPKNOT: How do you know this?
BOOMERANG:Just trust me. I know, all right? It's a con. Now I'm going. because I got a life to live. Question is, are you coming?
He nods positively.
BOOMERANG:Yeah. Smart!
As the troops approach a destroyed vehicle, Boomerang punches a soldier, and Slipknot kicks another on the knee. Boomerang takes one of his boomerangs, and throws it at Katana, who jumps over the blade and runs towards the criminal, eventually pinning him to the wall. Slipknot attempts an escape, grappling up a building.
FLAG: Hold your fire.
As he feels the knife on his neck, Boomerang grabs his returning weapon.
BOOMERANG:Sorry. It's what I do.
Slipknot is killed mid-grapple when Flag activates the bomb. Boomerang scowls when he sees that they are no ruse. Waller sees it all in the thermal monitors in her control room.
WALLER:Damn it.
Back to the street…
HARLEY:Now that's a killer app!
Croc touches his neck.
FLAG: Okay. you wanna keep playing ...the Hollywood Squares version of "I'll Blow your freaking Head Off?" [to Diablo] Are you next?
DIABLO:You tripping, homie.
FLAG: You next, Deadshot?
DEADSHOT: You just threatened me?
FLAG: Oh, yeah.
DEADSHOT: He just threatened me. [points his finger as a threat, then walks back]
FLAG: Move.
BOOMERANG:You got a boyfriend?
Katana lets him go. The team walks away.

DEADSHOT: I'm gonna kill him.
HARLEY:Well, you better make it quick 'cause he's gonna kill all of us one by one.
DEADSHOT: I'm gonna drop him. the sword lady. Five or seven of these SEALs. After that, I'm gonna need some help. You down?
HARLEY:Always. What about the sh*t in our necks?
DEADSHOT: Your friend's gonna help us out with that, right?
HARLEY:You're my friend, too.
DEADSHOT: Stay evil, doll face, Spread the word.

They get to a devastated street.
MILITARY ON RADIO: I'm standing by for follow on tasking. C2, what is the operational load of the PLS?
SEAL 1: Boss, we got people up here.
FLAG: I'm on my way. sh*t! Amanda, we have hostiles up ahead.
WALLER:Flag. get out of there. We're not here to fight them. We know that doesn't work.
FLAG: Copy that. We're diverting. Bump out second two squad two blocks east. We'll pass through you ...continue north.
SEAL 1: Take Bravo two blocks east. We'll leapfrog through you once you're in position.

The second squad walks away as Task Force X are looking ahead behind a destroyed car.
BOOMERANG:Hey. I like these odds, mate. You just say the word.
HARLEY:Yeah. Come on.
DEADSHOT: Yeah. Hold that thought.
Deadshot walks up, puts his scope. He sees two distant humanoid beasts – the Eyes of the Adversary – each with a weapon (one an axe, the other a rifle).
SEAL 2: Rick, why do they look like that?
FLAG: Just stay cool.
One of the goons, speaking a weird language and with his head pulsating, takes steps forward. Deadshot comes to Flag, who is preparing a sniper shot.
DEADSHOT: The hell are they?
FLAG: You cut and run. I'll blow your head off.
Katana sheathes out her sword, Deadshot points his rifle at the rifle goon, who proceeds to move forward.
FLAG: Hit'em!
The soldiers and Deadshot fire, while Boomerang drinks from a flask, Croc downs his hood, and Harley grabs her pistol. The goons are hardly stopping despite losing body parts to gunfire, and some of them eventually get to the troops, beating them up. Aside from Diablo, who decides to turn his back, Task Force X kills the enemies – though Boomerang only readies his blades when one goon drops down from above and knocks the beer can from his hand. Flag destroys one goon, but eventually three grab him and start pushing him away.
FLAG: Hey. Get off me! Get off me! Son of a ...
Deadshot and Harley notices Flag being dragged out, but shooting his captors – the former worried, while the latter smiles.
SEAL 1: Flag! [shoots]
HARLEY:Good riddance
DEADSHOT: Harley! He dies. we die.
Harley groans and goes in Flag’s aid, beating the goons with her baseball bat. She eventually picks Flag from the ground.
FLAG: Thanks.
HARLEY:Shut up.
A swam of Enchantress’ minions are approaching and shot at.
SEAL 3: Backblast, clear!
As Croc bodyslams one creature on a car, a rocket is fired. At a certain point, the troops stop firing to let Deadshot, who is atop a destroyed police car, do all the shooting.

Boomerang picks up his unicorn back…
...and Deadshot comes down from the car and goes to Flag.
DEADSHOT: That's how I cut and run.
Harley is beating up an already downed creature in the head.
DEADSHOT: Hey. Hey. come on.
HARLEY:What? I saw it move. See? It flinched. I think.
Boomerang approaches Diablo.
BOOMERANG:Hey. you were some help, princess.
DIABLO:It's better this way. [generates a flame in the air with a skull-like shape ] Trust me.
BOOMERANG:Oh, yeah you're the fire bloke. eh?
DIABLO:Yeah, I was. Yeah.
BOOMERANG:Right. Yeah. Hey. [opens up his lighter] Well. look at here. It's fire. Ooooh. [takes the lighter away]

A soldier approaches Flag, as Harley checks on the downed creature and Boomerang takes a wristwatch from another.
SEAL 4: The brief said terrorist. Wants to explain this?
FLAG: If I told you, would you believe me?
HARLEY:What are they?
FLAG: I don't know.
DEADSHOT: That's bullsh*t. This guy had a 3000$ watch. Is that a Pprson?
FLAG: It was. Now it's not. [to Boomerang] Hey, don't.
FLAG: We got a job to do. Keep movin'. Get your boys moving.
SEAL 4: Let's go.
The guy’s troops walk away. Task Force X follows close behind.

Cut to Waller’s control room.
FLAG (on radio): Waller, we are moving toward the objective. We lost contact with Bravo. You got a visual?
WALLER:Stand by. Anything on the squadron?
FEMALE ASSISTANT: No ma'am. Go-7 I need your sensors in those coordinates.
WALLER:Flag, it's a negative. they were engaged when you were, but we've lost them.

We see what happened to said squad – they are being dragged away by the goons to the train station. Enchantress turns away from her spell and kisses a soldier – turning him into another of the Eyes of the Adversary.
ENCHANTRESS: Now you belong to my army.

On the street, Harley breaks a window and shoplifts from a mannequin.
FLAG: Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you people?
HARLEY:We're bad guys. It's what we do.
Deadshot stops temporarily in front of a shop showing a family of mannequins, complete with dog, before walking back.

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