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Will Smith

"Hey Craziness"

In the middle of a street, Flag gives an order.
FLAG: Take a knee.
He points to a building on fire.
FLAG: Our body's at the top of that building. We get up there ... Pull them out of the vault they're hiding in. Helos extract us off the roof. It's Miller Time.
SEAL 1: Check.

We’re now at the bottom of said skyscraper – the John F Ostrander Federal Building. The troops stand in front of the door.
FLAG: Waller? We're about to enter the building. Get that chopper ready.
While the troops wait, Deadshot approaches Flag.
DEADSHOT: What do say we get this over with?
FLAG: What the hell? Deadshot. Fall back.
He breaks the glass door. Flag goes behind, everyone follows
FLAG: You mind if we tag along?

At the reception, Flag checks the security monitors – the building is empty.
BOOMERANG:Look like we have a spot of luck.eh? Be a walk in the park. Easy peasy.
DEADSHOT: Don't make me shoot you.
As they silently walk we hear an elevator ding… and Harley going up in said lift.
DEADSHOT: God damn it. Harley!
FLAG: Go! Go! Go! Go!
While the guys run for the stairs, Harley grabs the cellphone and sees a Joker text: “I am close be ready…”. Then a creature breaks through the elevator ceiling and presses her against the wall, making her punch back and eventually shoot his head. As she cleans up her hair, another goon breaks through the glass side, leading to another fight that ends when Harley beats the creature with her bat. The elevator eventually opens, revealing Flag and the rest of Task Force X are waiting.
HARLEY:Hey, guys! Come on. Let's go.

They pass by a deserted room filled with computers in desks. Then in Waller’s control room…
Female Assistant: Ma'am. I got motion detectors going off on the secure floors.
WALLER:Flag...Theyre all around you.
FLAG: Hold. [they stop walking]
WALLER:Use extreme caution.
DEADSHOT: I don’t like this, Flag.
FLAG: I don’t like it either.
Deadshot puts his mask on, Harley smiles.
DEADSHOT: I will knock your ass out. I do not care that you're a girl.
The beasts break through the ceiling. A fight ensues, where Boomerang is only saved from death by stabbing because he had a wad of cash stashed in his jacket. Eventually, Flag is dragged away by his feet and carried by three goons.
DEADSHOT: They're after Flag again.
FLAG: Get off me.
Task Force X kills the creatures around Flag.
DEADSHOT: Circle up. Circle around him.
They eventually see Diablo, just standing there.
FLAG: Let me fight!
DEADSHOT: You die. We die.
FLAG: Clear! Everyone move out.
Once they get to the corridor, the minions are shooting at them. And more and more are incoming. Deadshot decides to pin Diablo against the wall.
DEADSHOT: Where you been, homie?
DIABLO:This aint my fight!
DEADSHOT: You know what? You dont stand for sh*t.You ain't about sh*t!
DIABLO:Don't touch me, man!
DEADSHOT: Dont touch you? What you gonna do?
DIABLO:Don't touch me!
DEADSHOT: Im touching you! Im touching you! Do something. Do something!
DIABLO:Don't touch me! You wanna see something?
DEADSHOT: Yes, I wanna see ...
DIABLO:You wanna see something?
DEADSHOT: Yes I wanna see something.
Diablo pushes Deadshot away and shoots fire from his hands, torching every goon that was attacking in two different floors. Diablo then turns to Deadshot.
DEADSHOT: I was just trying to get you there. Phil Jackson. We good, right?
Harley hugs Diablo from behind and kisses his cheek.
HARLEY:I knew you'd come through.
DEADSHOT: That sh*t crazy.

A wall is burst open to reveal the stairs. Everyone enters.
As Harley enters, she gets tired…
HARLEY:I gotta work on my cardio.
…and eventually has a flashback to a moment with Joker in a chemical plant.
JOKER:Question.Would you die for me?
JOKER:That's too easy. Would you ... ? Would you live for me?
JOKER:Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly. Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes power. Do you want this?
JOKER:say it. Say it. Say it. Pretty, pretty, pretty ...
JOKER:God, you're so ...Good.
Harley jumps into a vat of chemicals – labeled “ACID”. Joker eventually goes after her, and after he cleans up her face, she wakes up and they kiss. He then laughs as the flashback ends – with a startled Harley pointing her gun at Deadshot, who was approaching.
DEADSHOT: Relax. Just me.
HARLEY:You ever been in love?
DEADSHOT: Nah. Never.
DEADSHOT: You don't kill as many people as I've killed and still sleep like a kitten If you feel sh*t like love.
She laughs and puts down the gun.
HARLEY:Another textbook sociopath.

They get to an office in the top floor.
FLAG: All right, secure the roof. Sweep for shooters so we can bring in our aviation assets.
SOLDIER: Going to the roof.
They go through a door, but then Flag turns to Task Force X.
FLAG:Wait here. Please. I don't wanna gave this dude a heart attack okay?
HARLEY:Aw, He's embarrassed of us.
DEADSHOT: Hey, Flag. This dude better cure cancer after all of this sh*t.
Flag presses a lock on the door, and enters.
FLAG:You ready? let's go.

It’s the control room – Waller and everyone left are picking up doc*ments.
WALLER:You wouldn't have made it without them.
FLAG: We got lucky. I don't do luck. I do planning and precision.
WALLER:Admit it, Rick. I was right.
FLAG: Yeah, I told you to get on the damn truck. Why'd you say?
WALLER:I was studying your girlfriend. She takes an average person ... A yoga mom an elderly retiree and she turns them into a soldier Who can take a headshot and still fight. It's an instant army. How'd she do it, Flag? How'd she game the system with you watching her every move?
FLAG: I'll accept the consequences
WALLER:I am your consequence.
DEADSHOT (OS): You might need to be careful.
Deadshot enters the room.
DEADSHOT: They think we're rescuing Nelson Mandela.
WALLER:I can take care of myself. Shut it down, wipe the drivers.
Female Assistant: Yes, ma'am.
Unknown Assistant: Copy that.
DEADSHOT: Hey, man I know you can't hear me 'cause you're trapped ... In your temple of soldierly self- righteousness ... But a two- faced dude like you wouldn't survive a second on the street.
FLAG: Oh, says the guy who shoots people for money.
DEADSHOT: My cards is on the table, man.
FLAG: It got done. didn't it?
Waller has just shot her assistants.
DEADSHOT: Damn. That is just ...A mean lady.
FLAG: Yeah. You get used to it.
DEADSHOT: And I'm the bad guy? That's gangsta.
WALLER:What? They weren't cleared for any of this any of it.
FLAG: Hey. I'm not judging. I've buried a lot of mistakes, too.

They walk through the door…and the guys are surprised to see Waller.
HARLEY:No way.
They all surround Waller.
FLAG: Let's go home.
BOOMERANG:Yeah. let's go home. That sounds good. you guys wanna go home? Or you wanna go back to prison?
HARLEY:I'm not going back to prison.
BOOMERANG:What I'm saying is ...We kill the pair of 'em now before they kill us.
Katana prepares to attack, but Waller holds her.
WALLER:I got this. You all made it this far. [shows the controller for the neck bombs] Don't get high- spirited on me and ruin a good thing.
They walk back. Waller, Flag and Katana go through.
KILLER CROC:I like her.

A helicopter is landing on the ceiling.
SOLDIER: Savior one- zero, this is Ground Element. Savior one- zero, how copy? Savior one- zero, the LZ's clear. Boss, they're not talking to me.
FLAG: Our bird's been jacked. Light it up!
The troops shoot the approaching helicopter… only for a gatling to be fired from inside it. Then we see next to the gatling guy is the Joker, wearing a suit, firing an AK-47, and laughing. Task Force X takes cover – and this includes Harley, who covers her ears as Deadshot stares angrily at her.
HARLEY:What? I got hickey or something?
In the helicopter, Van Criss is shutting down Harley’s detonator.
JOKER:Professor, could you pick up the pace?
Harley gets a text “NOW!”. She looks at Deadshot, he nods negatively. But then she smiles, gets up and runs to the chopper.
Joker sees Harley is approaching, kicks a rope down for her to climb.
JOKER:Hello, baby.
WALLER:Kill her!
Flag gets the controller, and tries blasting Harley.
FLAG: Her nanite's disarmed!
Harley takes off her jacket…
JOKER:Come on, baby.
… and jumps at the rope just as the helicopter flies away. Harley waves once she’s at the roof level again.
WALLER:Deadshot ...Shoot that woman right now!
DEADSHOT: She ain't do sh*t to me.
WALLER:You're a hitman. right? I got a contract. Kill Harley Quinn. Do it for your freedom and your kid.
DEADSHOT: Now she dead.
He shoots, Harley falls a bit down the rope… but turns out to be alive.
DEADSHOT: I missed.
BOOMERANG:Good one, mate.
Waller gets a walkie.
WALLER:It's Waller. Savior one- zero's been hijacked. Shoot it down.
SOLDIER ON RADIO: Roger that ma'am. going hot.
Harley has finished climbing the helicopter.
HARLEY:Puddin'! [she kisses him] You got all dressed up for me?
JOKER:You know I'd do anything for you. By the way, I've got some grape soda on ice, and a bear skin rug waitin'.
JONNY FROST: Boss, we got a problem.
A rocket is fired at the cabin.
JOKER:This bird is baked.
JOKER:Okay, honey. Its me and you.
HARLEY:Lets do it.
As another rocket hits, Harley falls down the ramp and lands on a rooftop. Joker extends his hand in anger – but the helicopter just falls down with him inside, eventually exploding. Harley gets devastated.
SOLDIER ON RADIO: Target destroyed, ma'am
WALLER:Thank you. Now get me off this roof.
SOLDIER ON RADIO: Yes, ma'am.We are inbound.
WALLER:The Joker and Harley Quinn are no more.
BOOMERANG: [to Deadshot] You couldn’t save her.
Deadshot is sad. A helicopter comes, Waller enters.
SOLDIER ON RADIO: Roger.I see ya.
FLAG: Watch your step. Ma'am.
Flag gives her the heart briefcase.
WALLER:Stand by. Ill send another helo!
The chopper flies off. But then the Incubus brings down her helicopter and the Enchantress’ minions kidnap her from the wreckage.
In the Pentagon, aerial footage of the crash is seen.
TOLLIVER:Waller's down. Its over.

Back to the rooftop.
SOLDIER: Ops just confirmed. Shes down. 1k west.
FLAG: Lets go get her. The missions not over.
DEADSHOT: Nah. It is for me. We had a deal.
FLAG: Without Waller, you got nothing.
Task Force X eventually go to the stairs.

In the street, as rain starts to fall, a tearful Harley sits atop a police car sees her choker, reading “Puddin’”, and tosses it away. She then sees the squad approaching and gets happy.
HARLEY:Hey, guys. Im back! I missed you all so much.
DEADSHOT: We're glad you could make it.
Deadshot helps her down to the street.
BOOMERANG:Hey, craziness.
He tosses her the bat back. They all walk away.

Waller’s finger is pressed on the heart’s briefcase.
INCUBUS: Bring me my sister’s heart.
Incubus takes the heart and puts it back onto Enchantress’s chest. She glows and stares menacingly at Waller before talking to her - in English.
ENCHANTRESS: With my heart returned, I can finish my weapon. Now tell me how to destroy your armies.
WALLER:Do your worst, b*tch!
The Enchantress then begins probing Waller's mind with tentacles.

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