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Will Smith

"The Worst of the Worst"


A flyover shot ends at Belle Reve, a Black Ops security prison. In his cell, Floyd Lawton is in his cell boxing with a punching bag.

Captain Griggs arrives at his door with his men and dinner for the prisoner.
GRIGGS:Chow time! It's time! Floyd, step up to the door. Dinner time.

Floyd stops punching and approaches the door.

DEADSHOT: Only my friends call me Floyd.
GRIGGS:You ain't got no friends, Floyd.
He grabs the plate and shows it in disbelief.
DEADSHOT: What's that?
GRIGGS:That is called loaf.
GRIGGS: It's got a little bit of pasghetti in there. Toenails. Rat sh*t. Everything a growing fella needs, like you. [laughs]
DEADSHOT: Come hear. Can I tell you something? Can I tell a secret?
DEADSHOT: One day ...Somehow, Someway, I'm gonna get outta here. And I'm gonna rain down on you, like the Holy Ghost.
GRIGGS:Man, you just threatened a staff member.
GRIGGS:Yeah, you have.
DEADSHOT: Do something.
GRIGGS:Let's have some fun.
In another room of the prison, Griggs has his men hold Lawton against a chair and beat him.

Elsewhere in Belle Reve (as shown by scenes of security camera footage), Harley Quinn is hanging from the bars in her own secluded cell. Griggs and his men approach.
Guard 2: Open a goddamn gate!
Guard 3: Come on guys. Don't waste my time.
Guard 2: Sector C! Pull your heads out of your ass! Boss is on deck! Open!
Guard 4: Bravo 14, Open perimeter fence.
GRIGGS:Stay Back! If she moves, fire her up, all right? [turns to Harley] You gonna come down from there or what?
She laughs, swings a bit…
GRIGGS: Look at you.
…and lands on the ground. Eventually she comes face to face with Griggs.

GRIGGS: You know the rules, hotness. You gotta keep off these bars.
HARLEY QUINN:What, these bars?
GRIGGS:Yeah. Those bars.

Harley licks one bar seductively.

GRIGGS: Oh, my good. You are really in bad shape upstairs, lady!

Both laugh.

HARLEY:Can you come in here and tell me that? Or are you too scared? Come on, I'm bored. I'm bored, play with me.
GRIGGS:You put five of my guards in the hospital, honey. No one's gonna play with you. You sleep on the ground.
HARLEY:I sleep where I want, when I want, with who I want.
GRIGGS: [laughs] Oh man. I love you. Alpha one ...hit her.

The guards hits a button, and the bars electrify. The shock leads Harley to fall on her back...

…and have a flashback (noted by neon-colored tints) to a day where she was surrounded by guards.
GRIGGS:Come on man. You're 6 foot four. She's a tiny little girl.
Harley laughs, and then another flashback: Harley is strapped to a chair, gag in mouth, canister on her nose, as Griggs talks to her.
GRIGGS:You got a choice tonight. What we got here?
Close-up to three cans on the table close to the chair: the "total meal replacement" Forcevite.
GRIGGS: We got chocolate, strawberry or vanilla.
A vial of that is sucked by a syringe and injected into Harley’s nose. She audibly moans in pain.
GRIGGS: My job is to keep you alive until you die. Do you understand that?
Griggs mugs as he takes a selfie next to the suffering Harley.
GRIGGS: Spring break!

Back to real time events, Harley gets up, runs angrily towards the bars, and hits her head on one. She falls on her back again.

GRIGGS: That is just a whole lot of pretty in a whole lot of crazy.

Cut to the prison’s surveillance room – and then to Washington, DC, where two black vans stop. Out of one come two guards in suits, followed by A.R.G.U.S. Director Amanda Waller.

AMANDA WALLER (VO):The world changed when Superman flew across the sky.

Waller passes by a street vendor selling Superman shirts ad Batman hats.

WALLER (VO): And it changed again when he didn't.

The vendor shows the back off one shirt, which reads “Remember”.

After a flashback to Superman’s military funeral in Metropolis, a close-up of Waller.

WALLER (VO): And that is why I'm here.

She smiles at the vendor as the title SUICIDE SQUAD appears.

Back to Waller, finally there is a clear view of Waller’s destiny: the restaurant Cicada, where the guards open the door to her. Waller joins a table where she is waited by Admiral Olsen and Dexter Tolliver.

OLSEN: We lose a national hero but you sit there looking like the cat that ate the canary.
WALLER:I've eaten a lot of canaries. It's taken some work. But I finally have them. The worst of the worst.

Waller puts on the table a file reading “TOP SECRET”.

OLSEN:There's rumors, Amanda ...that some of them have abilities.
WALLER:The rumors are right. You know what a problem with a metahuman is? The human part. We got lucky with Superman. He shared our values. The next Superman might not.
OLSEN:You're playing with fire, Amanda.
WALLER:I'm fighting fire with fire.
OLSEN:You are not going to pitch us that Task Force X project of yours again, are you?
WALLER:Yes But this time, you're gonna listen.

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