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Will Smith

"You Need a Miracle"

The Squad get to the downed helicopter. Flag enters the wreckage, while Deadshot eventually looks up and sees Enchantress’s light pillar.
DEADSHOT: So let me guess. We're going to the swirling ring of trash in the sky. You know, 'cause why wouldn't we? When does this end, Flag?
FLAG: Load up. We're in for a fight.
Deadshot enters the wreck and grabs ammunition from guns that were left behind before noticing a leather purse – and inside, the ARGUS file labeled “TOP SECRET”. Shortly afterwards, Deadshot runs to Flag and tosses the file onto a car next to him.
DEADSHOT: You tell everybody everything. Or me and you are gonna go right now.
FLAG: Three days ago, a non- human entity appeared in the subway station.
Flashback to Flag walking below the station with June.
FLAG: Waller, we’re almost there.
FLAG (voiceover): So Waller sent me and a woman with incredibles abilities.
FLAG (v.o.): A witch. See, nobody could get near this thing ...but the witch could.
Flag is showing Enchantress a bomb.
FLAG: Bombs ready. Set for two seconds. You just press the button and drop it.
Enchantress in turn presses the button, forcing Flag to quickly deactivate it.
FLAG (v.o.): Needless to say the whole thing was a bad idea.
FLAG: She bolted!
Waller stabbing the heart, and Enchantress asking for Incubus’s help.
FLAG: And thats how she escaped from Waller. So now you know.
DEADSHOT: You can just kill me right now ...but I'm going to have a drink.
He walks to a nearby bar.
FLAG: Hey! Deadshot, I need your help.
DEADSHOT: No, sir. You need a miracle.
Harley bows and follows him. The rest of Task Force X follows suit – and once it’s just Flag and Katana, she goes inside as well. Flag picks up something from the dropped and now wet pages of the file, a picture of June.

Inside the bar, Harley is behind the counter and fills a shot glass of whiskey to Deadshot. He grabs it and starts a toast.
DEADSHOT: Heres to honor among thieves
He tries to hit Katana’s glass, but she walks back from the counter.
KATANA:I’m not a thief.
DEADSHOT: Oh.She’s not a thief.
He touches Harley’s c*cktail glass and Boomerang’s beer can, before toasting. Croc replies with his beer can.
DEADSHOT: Well, we almost pulled it off ...Despite what everybody thought. Worst part of it is, theyre gonna blame us for the whole thing. And they can’t have people knowing the truth. We’re the patsies. The cover-up. Don’t forget, we’re the bad guys. For about two sweet seconds ...I had hope.
DIABLO:You had hope huh? Hope don’t stop the wheel from turning, my brother.
DEADSHOT: You preaching?
DIABLO:It’s coming back around for you. How many people you killed, man?
DEADSHOT: You don’t ask nobody no question like that, ese.
DIABLO:You ain’t ever whacked down no women. No kids.
DEADSHOT: I don’t kill women and children.
DIABLO:I do. [Boomerang gives a stunned look] See, I was born with the Devil’s gift. I kept it hidden most of my life, but ... The older I got, the stronger I got. So I started using it. For business, you know. The more power on the street I got ... The more firepower I got. Like that sh*t went hand in hand. You know? One was feeding the other. Ain’t nobody tell me no.

Flashback, Chato Santana having dinner with his family.
DIABLO (v.o.): Except my old lady. You know, she used to pray for me.
Diablo slaps her butt as she serves the food. She walks away smiling.
DIABLO'S WIFE: You’re welcome.
DIABLO:Even when I didn’t want it.
Flashback to another day, Mrs. Santana throws the Los Angeles Times with the headline “SIX DIE IN ARSON FIRE” atop Chato’s food plate.
DIABLO’S WIFE: ¿Que es esto? Otra vez !
In the bar, Diablo has a flame in his hand, which takes the form of a woman dancing.
DIABLO: God didn’t give me this. Why should he take it away?
In the flashback, Diablo is leaving the dining room…
…when his wife throws wads of money and packages looking like drugs on the table.
DIABLO:This is our home.
DIABLO:You put that back where you found it.
DIABLO'S WIFE: I’m taking my kids to my Moms.
DIABLO:You ain’t taking my kids nowhere!
DIABLO (present): See when I get mad, I lose control you know, I just ... I dont know what I do…
The Santana house is now in flames. Diablo holds his wife in his arms and shouts angrily at the sky.
In the bar, Diablo puts a glass over the flame girl.
DIABLO: ...till its done.
With limited air, the fire girl asphyxiates and falls on its knees before dying.

Deadshot touches his head in commotion, while Boomerang, just as startled…
BOOMERANG:And the kids?
HARLEY:He killed them. Didn't you? [Diablo nods negatively, looking close to crying] Own that sh*t. Own it. What'd you think was gonna happen? Huh?
DEADSHOT: Hey Harley, Come on.
HARLEY:What you were just ...Thinking you can have a happy family ...And coach little leagues and make car payments? Normal’s a setting on the dryer. People like us, we don’t get normal!
BOOMERANG:Why is it always a knife fight every single time you open your mouth? You know, outside you’re amazing. But inside, youre ugly.
HARLEY:We all are. We all are! [points to Croc] Except for him. Hes ugly on the outside, too.
KILLER CROC:Not me, shorty. [drops down his hoodie] I’m beautiful.
HARLEY:Yeah, you are.

Flag enters the bar.
HARLEY:We don't want you here.
FLAG: You get to the part in that binder saying I was sleeping with her?
DEADSHOT: Yeah. I never been with a witch before. Whats that like? Apparently that’s why the creatures chase him all the time. Cause the witch is scared of him.
FLAG: The only woman I ever cared about ... is trapped inside that monster. If I don't stop the witch, it’s over. Everything is over. Everything. You're free to go.
Flag destroys the controls for their neck explosives. Boomerang grabs his beer cans and walks away. Flag then hands out a stash of letters to Deadshot.
FLAG: Your daughter writes you everyday. Every single day.
Deadshot is close to tearing up. Flag gets up and tries leaving, but Deadshot blocks him.
DEADSHOT: You had these the whole time? You had letters from my daughter the whole time? I’m gonna get you there. And you're gonna end this. I’m gonna carry your ass if I have to. 'Cause this sh*t is gonna be like a chapter in the Bible. Everybody's gonna know what we did. And my daughter is gonna know that her daddy is not a piece of sh*t.
Deadshot leaves. Croc gets up.
HARLEY:I'll come.
Flag leaves, and Harley follows. Everyone else is staring
HARLEY: What? You got something better to do? Come on! [grabs her baseball bat from the counter] Pussies.

The team now does a power walk down the street, with Harley blowing a chewing gum bubble before being joined by Boomerang, who drinks from his can before throwing it away.

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