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Will Smith

"Task Force X"

Waller opens the first page of the file on Floyd Lawton. The Deadshot icon blinks over him, before cutting to him in full assassin costume.
WALLER: Floyd Lawton, AKA Deadshot.
Flashback to Deadshot holding a phone next to him – and then a travelling shot of Gotham’s rooftops, followed by Deadshot planting a hardened reflective panel in an alley.
WALLER (VO): He is the most wanted hitman in the world...Let's say he has an elite clientele.
Deadshot’s call, currently on the speaker phone is answered.
DEADSHOT: Hey Angelo. This is the exterminator you called for your rat problem. My account's looking a little thin.
Close-up of what the phone is showing – the recent transactions of his bank account.
ANGELO: No one gets paid until what needs to get done, gets done.
DEADSHOT: Nope. That's not the rules. No money, No honey.
[Deadshot fiddles with his sight, sees the camera view – an SUV, escorted by a convoy of Gotham police cars. The device estimates the distances between the reflective panel and the vehicles]
DEADSHOT: Wow! Here is your boy right now. With about 20 of his new best friends.
The cops start getting out of the cars, and ready their weapons.
DEADSHOT: I'm still seeing zeroes over here, Angie.
ANGELO: Listen. Stop being cute and do your job!
The informant is taken out of the SUV. Deadshot’s sight shows shooting data, and a countdown.
DEADSHOT: They're taking him outta the car now. In about 30 seconds, your window is gonna close forever.
ANGELO: Okay, Okay, Okay. Relax. There was an accounting error. We sent it.
Floyd’s account received $1 million from an unknown source.
DEADSHOT: Now double it for being an di*khead. You got 10 seconds.
ANGELO: We're not the kind of people you play with.
DEADSHOT: Did you threaten me? This dude's gonna get a sore throat. From all the singing he's about to do.
ANGELO: You son of a b*tch.
Another million is added.
DEADSHOT: Pleasure doing business with you, Angie.
Satisfied, he c*cked his wrist-mounted gun and fired a bullet from atop a tall building, perfectly striking the reflective panel and killing the informant. With his job complete, he put on his white mask and fled the scene by rappelling down the building.

Back to the Cicada…
WALLER:But everyone has a weakness. And a weakness can be leveraged. His is an 11- year- old honor student in Gotham City. His daughter.
Flashback, Deadshot and his daughter walk in the snowy Gotham streets during Christmas season.
WALLER (VO): So we watched her and waited.
ZOE: You should talk to Mama more.
DEADSHOT: Yeah, yeah. I know.
ZOE: Mama stays in bed a lot.
DEADSHOT: Yeah. She's still going out at night?
ZOE: Dad, it's okay, I can take care of her. I know how to make pancakes now.
DEADSHOT: Hey baby, That's beautiful. She's supposed to be taking care of you. That's how that's supposed to work. I want you to come and live with me. All right? I came into some resources. I'mma get us spot. It's gonna be nice, all right?
ZOE: Mama says I can't live with you because you kill people.
DEADSHOT: That's not true, That's a lie. She is lying to you.
ZOE: Daddy ... I know you do bad things. Don't worry. I still love you.
DEADSHOT: Come on.
Floyd leads his daughter to an alley. Back to the Cicada…
TOLLIVER: And you caught him?
WALLER:Not me. I just gave an anonymous tip the right guy in the Gotham City.

… and then the alley.
DEADSHOT: I'mma figure this out. All right?
Batman suddenly glides down behind the Lawtons and seizes Deadshot.
BATMAN: It's over, Deadshot. I don't want to do this in front of your daughter.
He gets a gun from his boot, Batman punches him in the face, making Floyd fall. He shoots Batman’s shoulder, it just grazes the armor, and then Batman punches him some more, knocking him to the ground. Deadshot takes a knee and points the gun at Batman, but Zoe moves to stand between the two.
ZOE: Daddy, please.
DEADSHOT: Zoe, move!
ZOE: Please daddy. Don't do it. Please. Don't do it.
He puts down the gun, and then hears the sirens.
DEADSHOT: All right.
A police car arrives at the alley. The cops move out and point their guns, as Floyd is hugging his daughter.
ZOE: I love you, daddy.

Back to the Cicada.
WALLER:So now we have the man who never misses.
OLSEN:Where'd you put him?
WALLER:Let's just say. I put him in a hole and threw away the hole.

Waller opens another page.
WALLER: Harley Quinn.
The Harley icon and laughter are heard as we cut to a wet Harley having her mugshot taken by the Gotham Police Department.
Flash back to Harley dancing in a strip club. Eventually two tidbits appear on screen: “Accomplice to the murder of Robin” and “Total Wild Card”.
Estabilishing shot of Arkham Asylum.
WALLER (VO): Before she ran off and joined the circus ... She was known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. A psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum..She was assigned to The Clown himself.
After some estabilishing shots, including the door of Dr. Quinzel’s room, where two guards wait.
JOKER (OS):Dr. Quinzel. You know, I lived for these moments with you.
Inside, Harley sits in front of The Joker in a straitjacket as she takes something from her purse.
JOKER: What do you got?
Showing a plush cat.
HARLEY:I got you a kitty.
JOKER:So thoughtful.
WALLER (VO):She thought she was curing him ....But, she was falling in love.
Harley is seen daydreaming of approaching the Joker to kiss him.
JOKER:There is something you could do for me ...Doctor.
HARLEY:Anything. I mean, yeah.
JOKER:I need a machine gun.
HARLEY:A Machine gun?
He laughs.
WALLER:Talk about a workplace romance gone wrong.

The Joker’s gang – which include goons in goat, shark and panda masks – gun down the Arkham guards and restrain Dr. Quinzel down in an operating table.
HARLEY:Get off me!
A shirtless Joker appears, and puts a light on Dr. Quinzel’s face.
JOKER:What do we have here?
HARLEY:What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me Mr.J?
Joker readies two electrodes he’s holding.
JOKER:What? Oh, I'm not gonna kill ya I'm just gonna hurt ya ...really, really bad.
HARLEY:You think so? Well, I can take it.
Joker puts a belt in her mouth, and starts to shock her. After various shots, featuring Harley in the strip club, Dr. Quinzel jumping into a vat of chemicals, it eventually comes down to Harley in a harlequin suit, dancing with a suit-wearing Joker.
WALLER:They became the king and the queen of Gotham city..And god help anyone who disrespected the queen.

Back to the strip club, the mobster Monster T extends his hand.
MONSTER T: We finally meet.
JONNY FROST: He ain't shake hands. But sit down and have a drink.
Monster T sits, while Joker is zoning out, watching Harley dancing at a distance.
MONSTER T: Hey, J. On behalf of everybody, welcome back. I wanted to come by and personally say thank you. You're making me good money. I'm making you good money.
JOKER:Are you sweet talkin' me? [he puts the smile tattoo on his hand in front of his face, and laughs] I love this guy. He's so intense!
T notices Harley.
MONSTER T: You're lucky man. You got a bad b*tch.
JOKER:Oh, that she is. The fire in my loins. The itch in my crotch. The one, the only,the infamous Harley Quinn!
Harley pretends to fire a gun, and then Joker whistles to her. She arrives at the table.
JOKER: Oh, come to Daddy.
JOKER:Listen! You are my gift to this handsome hunka hunka! You belong to him now.
She approaches T and pretends to bite him before cuddling his head.
HARLEY:You're cute! You want me? I'm all yours.
MONSTER T: I don't want no beef.
JOKER:You don't want no beef? You don't want ..
HARLEY:Why, what's wrong?
JOKER:don't wanna beef?
HARLEY:You don't like me? Fine. Don't waste my time then.
MONSTER T: This is your lady.
JOKER:Look, are you enjoying yourself?
MONSTER T: No. That's your lady, Joker!
JOKER:That's right!
We then see Joker shooting T.

Cut to Joker driving around in his Purple Lamborghini.
WALLER (VO):And, That was just the beginning.
Inside, Harley and the Joker laugh. Eventually one vehicle approaches the Lamborghini from a corner… the Batmobile.
HARLEY:Come on, Puddin. Do it!
Joker sees Batman is coming in his rearviewmirror.
JOKER:Oh ... We have got company.
HARLEY:Batsy, Batsy, Batsy.
Inside the Batmobile, Batman opens the roof…
WALLER (VO):She is crazier than him..And more fearless..
…and eventually is seen hanging from the top of the Lambo.
HARLEY:Stupid Bat, You're ruining date night!
Harley grabs a gun, tries shooting the ceiling. Joker, attempting to shake Batman off, makes a sharp turn, and it’s clear the vehicle is going for the river, forcing Batman to grapple away.
HARLEY: Puddin. Puddin, I can't swimmmmm!
Joker sends his car flying off the road and into the river. In the surface, Batman puts on a breather and jumps into the water. He finds the crashed car and Harley, who has traversed through the windshield and lies on the hood, but no Joker. Batman then grabs Harley, who awakens and tries to stab him, but Batman quickly knocks her unconscious with a mighty punch, and carries her out of the river.
WALLER (VO):And the Bat got her, too. She's in the same hole as Deadshot.
Batman then lays her down on the hood of the Batmobile and checks for a pulse, but does not find one. With extreme reluctance, Batman then does mouth-to-mouth to revive her. A pleased Harley then recovers and begins kissing him. She laughs and an angry Batman then carries her away.

WALLER: And then there's the Aussie. Digger Harkness. Or as the tabloids call him: Captain Boomerang.

Cut to the file page on Boomerang, and then his intro shot, followed by a scene of him and an associate stealing diamonds.
THIEF: We're gonna be rich.
CAPTAIN BOOMERANG: Yeah, you and me, mate. Go and get the car.
A boomerang is readied…
WALLER (VO): He robbed every bank in Australia at least once. Then he came to America for a fresh target set.
…and thrown in the other guy’s head, knocking him out.
WALLER (VO): Doesn't work well with others.
Boomerang grabs the guy’s loot. Lightning emerges in the vault, and then we see there The Flash. Boomerang turns around…
FLASH: No honor among thieves, eh?
…and is knocked out by the Flash running towards him in incredible speeds.
WALLER:But he tangled with a metahuman and, lived to tell about it.

Close-up on another file page, of “DIABLO”…
WALLER (OS): And have you heard of the pyro kinetic homeboy?
Diablo icon, followed by him walking out of a flaming house with his hands up, surrendering to a large police task that includes a helicopter.
TOLLIVER (VO):How'd you catch him?
WALLER (VO):We didn't. He surrendered.
Diablo is then rendered atop a police car hood.
WALLER (VO): Chato Santana.
WALLER: On the street they call him El Diablo.
Diablo staring at a dancing flame in his hand shaped like a woman.
WALLER (VO): This LA gangbanger thought he was the king of the world ...until he lost his queen.
He closes his hand, and without the flame the scene goes black.
WALLER: Gets jumped in prison riot and incinerates half the yard. The security video is incredible.
Footage of said video, with Diablo igniting an enormous ring of fire that burns the prisoners around him.

At the Cicada, Waller turns the page. Olsen gets queasy with the subject.
OLSEN: Oh, Jesus. What the hell is that?
WALLER:His name is Waylon Jones.
In Belle Reve, Griggs and his guards walk down a corridor.
GRIGGS:KC, dinner. Open it up, B.
A sewer cover is opened.
WALLER (VO):Evolution took a step backwards with this one.
GRIGGS:Give me that, Smitty. [gets a rifle] Where you at?
From Griggs’ night vision point of view, we see Croc approaching.
WALLER (VO):They call him Killer Croc.
The icon of Croc flashes, and then we see him behind bars.
WALLER (VO): He looked like a monster. So they treated him like a monster.
A large skinned goat is thrown down the sewer hole to Croc’s cell.
WALLER (VO): Then he became a monster.
He roars before going towards the puddle where the meat has fallen… and it cuts to Waller killing a steak, rare.
WALLER: He was chased out of Gotham by the Bat. Went searching for sanctuary elsewhere. He never found it.

Croc punching guards at Belle Reve, before being tased and falling to his knees.
WALLER: I saved the best for last. The witch.
OLSEN:A witch?
WALLER: I'm talking a flying, spell- casting, making- sh*t- disappear witch. A sorceress from another dimension. Another world.
A woman is seen walking in a Peruvian jungle.
WALLER (VO): Archaeologist doctor June Moone.
Moone sees a cave system from a distance.
WALLER (VO): Wandered into the wrong cave.
Moone slips into a wide crevice and falls into a cavern containing a tomb.
VOICE: June…
A doll shaped container caught her eye…
WALLER (VO): She opened something she shouldn't have.
…she opens it, releasing an spectral entity. She dances towards June…
WALLER (VO): Releasing a metahuman more powerful than any we've encountered. The Enchantress.
…and after the info screen on Enchantress, she possesses June’s body by entering as a mist through her mouth.
WALLER (VO): She inhabits Dr.Moone's body now.
June falls backwards, eyes glowing;
OLSEN:Where is this witch?
WALLER:In my pocket.
TOLLIVER: Now tell him why she won't turn you into a frog.
WALLER:Some say the witch has a secret buried heart…
A fossilized Enchantress.
WALLER (VO): and whoever finds it, can control the witch.
Images of agents in hazamat suits in the tomb, cleaning a skull, and some artifacts taken from there.
WALLER (VO): So we searched the cave where she turned up, and we found her heart.
A suitcase holding a green heart next to a bomb, with a print reader reading “armed”. Waller presses her thumb, and it disarms.
OLSEN:That thing's her heart?
Waller mumbles positively, and then closes the case.
WALLER:She is vulnerable without it.
OLSEN:You want to put our national security in the hands of ...witches, gangbangers, and crocodiles?
TOLLIVER: Don't forget about the Joker's girlfriend.
OLSEN: These are villains, Amanda. What makes you think you can control them?
WALLER:Because getting people to act against their own self-interests for the national security of the U.S is what I do for a living. You take the finest special forces officer this nation has ever produced…
In an Arab city, Flag enters shooting terrorists.
WALLER (VO): Colonel Rick Flag.

A raid on a hotel building. Flag enters one of the rooms, and inside is June, lying on a bathtub filled with muddy water and tall grass, an inverted pentagram painted in the wall behind her.
JUNE:Help me.
WALLER (VO):I assigned him to watch Dr.Moone, and just as I hoped…
Some time later, June and Flag are sitting in a bed.
WALLER (VO):… it got personal.
JUNE:Are you gonna kiss me or not?
The two passionately kiss.

WALLER:I have the witch's heart. And Dr.Moone has his. Now he'll follow my orders as Holy Writ. In a world of flying men and monsters, this is the only way to protect our country.

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