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Will Smith

"Freak Accident"

I can’t believe this

I can’t believe this

I’m rattled life in pieces

Like Seattle nights and sleepless

I’m grieving, I’m speechless

I’m dying not faecitious

I was drinking, she was drinking

We was dancing wasn’t thinking

It’s not excuses

Look the truth is

I just cut loose is

Just what grey goose produced this?

I swear if we get through this

I’ll never ever do this again

Baby let me prove it

Please don’t throw me deuces

Look at me

Boo pleas look at me

My words keep coming out crookedly

But they can’t capture look and see

I’ll do anything


I’m passionate

I’ll be an activist

Against other as*h*les who act like this

But let’s not end cause of an accident


Freak... Accident

I don’t know how I got into this

She was a freak... accident

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