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Will Smith


Arabian ni-sike y'all fellas and fellettes really thought I was about to sing

Mister Love don't sing, I only serenade
Let's get it
Let's get it yah
Let's get it
Speed it up speed it up speed it up
Speed it up that's my tempo yah
Speed it up that's my tempo
Boutta go ape like ho ho
No I don't smoke that hemp tho
But I get lit like candle
Boutta get lit like candle call me Randal im a vandal
Don't trap out the bando, can tho
Crazy man im off the handle
What you say
Made the beat no Dr dre
im coming in hot like volcano
Yes im fire you can't say no
Im a clown but im a genius
Play these jokers like piano
I got verified on genius
So go verify my flow, it's the meanest
It's the cleanest im a lyrical machinist
Gotta go green from all that green
Smokin pot at 17 I was a fiend
Then one day I grabbed the tabs and ketamine
Now im clean
Since Friday
Only been
Like 5 days
I don't care I just
Work at the subway and make music
Got a gift im gon use it
Call me quavo gon lose it
In the jungle with Diego yeah we bout to go stupid
Indian like Ghandi
Shawty she a Blondie
No im not a demon im a zombie
Walk in pitch black, 2 am, very calmy
And I do not need my mommy
Im wicked
And my beats are super sick
She keep showing me interest
Ask her if she wanna kick it ah
She just wanna lick it ah
She want me to flick it ah
Yeah u know im slick wit it
Cause I be playing guitar in the band

I am not high but im up like a ceiling fan
I may be Asian but im not Arabian
Part guiyanese but im not acadian
10 outta 10 will cypher again
I cannot spit off the top of the dome, I write with a pen
Just went hard, boutta go home, the end
Im Done

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