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"Bring You Home"

Baby you don't have to be alone
We’ll fight the pain and bring you home
So take my hand
Feel my soul
I keep you close
I love you so

[Eidolon Seeker]
Please just try to stay alive, yeah
Shawty tell me everything's alright, woah
I know it's harder when there’s something on your mind, yeah
But don't be scared to tell me how you feel inside though

We're deep inside this mess
I'm getting outta bed
Can't sit around all day
And leave you here instead

So please just hold right on
I'll be there before dawn
Just tell me what you need
I swear I'll get it gone, yeah

Tell me when it gets too hard
I'll be right by your side
Nothing can pull us apart
Dance to the beat of your heart

I’ts okay that your heart belongs to someone else
I still mean it when I say that
You’re worth it, you're perfect
You’re everything I want
You're everything I need
Hope you'll see what i see
Hope in time you'll be with me

[Eidolon Seeker]
You always knew
Nothing ever would change
Got a hole in my soul
And I’m stuck in my ways

You've been losing your grip
Every time that you stayed
How much more can I give
Cause I know you can't wait

And there's this sickness that I feel
It's in my heart, it's in my head
Sleeping poorly with this pain
I'm wishing dearly that it left
And all those times when you were threw
I really wish that I was dead
'Cause I don't know what I would do
If we could never meet again, right now

[QAWI KAMRI & Eidolon Seeker]
Take my hand
Feel my soul
I keep you close
I love you so

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