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"Miso Soup"


You got that Asian food then ninja put it on my plate (Put it on my plate!)
Boy I don't play, if you don't have, get up out my face (Go!)

Miso Soup! (woo!)
Got that Miso Soup! (うまい!)
Miso Soup!
Every day and night we're drinking that!

Miso Soup! (woo!)
Got that Miso Soup! (おいしい!)
Miso Soup!
Yo let's grab a bowl and turn up!!

Yo! Cops looking at me like a クソたれ!
Asked where I lived and told em 黙れ!
This is where I live, opposite of おしゃれ
Where we craving 焼肉 but don't have お金

All I have is みそ汁 I'mma cook it in a 鍋
Added わかめ cause I don't wanna be a はげ
With a side of 丼 thats covered in ふりかけ
大根, 豆腐, 両方混ぜ混ぜ !

(うまい!) Ain't nobody better than me
On top when it comes to Asian delicacies
In my room just chilling with a kettle of tea
ヌンチャク on my side better measure your ki

I roll up like a 春巻き (I roll it!)
Go inside in your house without a 鍵 (woo!)
Take all your stuff 預かり(Take that!)
Draw up on your walls 落書き(woo!)

Only balls in my mouth is たこ焼き (PAUSE!)
Try to take my うなぎ eat a bag of ワサビ
Son I'm a friggin' 神 catch flies with my 端
You about to get bodied like my fam in 長崎

I got the sauce and I bleed soy!
Don't like 김치 you're キモい
I roll with a bunch of b-boys
So say the wrong words, get destroyed

Coming from school on the 帰り道
Hitting the コンビニ for おにぎり
(You got しゃけ, 梅, オカカ?)
Tell us or we'll pop you like a ニキビ (Pop! Pop!)

I don't understand in your little brain
What makes you want to act tough and try to fight with Tsuji?
When you know I'mma throw a bowl of ラーメン at your face
Stack bodies like plates from a 回転寿し

Cause I'll come full speed just like in the movies
Gotta punch like Jim Kelly and I fight like Bruce Lee
You don't wanna know what happens when I strike with fury!

I will take you to the kitchen
We got different types of dishes
Serving traditions to you villains
Sipping tea like it ain't our business

No matter whats the condition
Our hunger is never finished
Taking over the world is our mission
Plotting our next move while we're sipping

Miso Soup! (woo!)
Got that Miso Soup! (うまい!)
Miso Soup!
Every day and night we're drinking that!

Miso Soup! (woo!)
Got that Miso Soup! (おいしい!)
Miso Soup!
Yo let's grab a bowl and turn up!!

Miso Soup! (woo!)
Got that Miso Soup! (I got it!)
Miso Soup!

Part 2: Sushi Bars

Its been a while since we last spoke!
Sorry I've been busy too long!
I just hope you didn't move on!
Think you get away you're so wrong!
...So wrong...

I've been a fighter for so long I'm at the point I'm getting bored of this
But I live in a city where theres no ordinance, there's a war within
And everyone wants to be a tough guy, going from poor to rich
Like an underdeveloped villain with a lackluster origin

They want the cash, they want the gorgeous cribs, and foreign whips
But with a sh*tty job they can't afford the sh*t resorting with
Them doing dirty crime, robbing a local corner store equipped
With a loaded .44, living moral less, I'm forced to live

To think that this is just the norm like "Damn son New York is 'lit"
And like an enormous zit, I notice it, though I'm fortunate
Trying to end this greed is like attempting to make a whore commit
As a vigilante, no matter the challenge I'm not forfeiting

It's now a burden knowing that I'm the only person
Who is determined to put on a costume and fight for what I think is worth it
Growing up I was that classmate that was difficult to converse with
Busy searching for my purpose now I feel so freaking perfect

It seems like a lot of things changed
My views redirected, new abilities gained
I question whats my destiny and what I've became...
Why am I here? Do I have what it takes?

Then I realized, I'm stronger mentally and strongest physically
With a sudden boost of confidence I dont know whats gotten into me
I feel like I'm the man when I walk these city streets
But I know with great power comes great.... you know the rest.....

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