Granny’s House lyrics

Intellegentz (FGTeeV Duddy)

Dad, do I have to go? Yes, you'll be fine. Mom? It's okay, sweetie, granny's awesome. You're gonna have a good time. I don't wanna be here. Granny's house, I don't wanna stay. I just wanna go home. I don't wanna be at Granny's house, she be creepin' me out. Take me home right now, I don't wanna stay at Granny's house. I don't wanna stay, I just wanna go home. I don't wanna be at granny's house. She be creepin' me out, take me home right now. I don't wanna stay here
Actual Song:
Oh jeez, this place gives me the creeps. Hey granny, I'm here! (Granny): Just a minute dear! FGTeev: Is there anything to eat!? Ugh, what smells like pickled feet? Ugh. (Granny): Do you want to play hide and seek? FGTeev: Uh, no but is your TV broke? Why is the front door locked up so much? Is that some kind of joke? Wait, why do you have a bat? What are you gonna do with that? Get back! Ow...I think that something cracked, and then I woke up in a different room sweatin' and confused. Did she hit me, 'cause I'm feeling and I bet she left a bruise. Oh, this lady crazy, I've got to escape. But now there's beartraps that's surrounding the place. What am I gonna do, I gotta run. 'Cause she's after me and I don't know what I've done. My cellphone's only got one bar, let me hide and try to call my mom. Granny's house, I'm feeling really weird, I'm feeling kind of scared. Please get me out of here. Granny's house, she locked all the doors, I can't find the keys. Don't wanna be here no more. Granny's house, I don't wanna stay. I just wanna go home, I don't wanna be at granny's house. She be creeping me out, take me home right now. I don't wanna stay here. (Beep). Hello, hell-, oh no! (Granny): hehehehehe, where'd you go? FGTeev: Wait, what's that shiny glow? It's a key, that's what it be, but what door is it for? I gotta see. Yes, the front door but there's still a board, I gotta cut a cord and there's another lock? Now I'm hearing creaks all up in the floor that's coming towards, she's above top. Then I went down to the second basement, my face was in shock. 'Cause I found a car, but it wouldn't start. Then I got a hammer from the glove box. (Granny): I see you FGTeev: Yeah, I'm sure that you do. (Granny): Hahahaha FGTeev: Now why on earth in the toilet are there pliers? I can probably use these to cut the blue wire. Now, what I need is the key to escape granny's house so I can be free. Then I got a yellow key, that got me a crossbow and tranquilizer. (Tranquilizer). Popped up right behind her, then I surprised her. Fired a shot (shot) til' she dropped. Granny's house. Yeah, I got the key, so I'm about to peace out. Yeah, it's time to leave. Outro:
Granny's house. Time to say goodbye, I feel like I could cry. Granny's house, finally gettin' out, no, I'm not looking back. No longer trapped at granny's house. But still, I'm all alone, I gotta get home. But don't know which way to go. Right now I'm looking for a savior. So I went to her neighbor's. Hello! You gotta help me! (Mr. Peterson): Oh yeah, quick. get inside hahahahahaha

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