11:30 lyrics

DC The Don

Like what'd he say?
(Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1]
It's 11:30, I woke up and I'm in a hurry
Call me dead wrong I been livin' dirty (Yeah)
He a actor, a Charlie Murphy
Throw my glasses on, now I'm feeling nerdy (Yeah)
Sippin' on henn' got my vision blurry
Not an alcoholic, you ain't gotta worry (What?)
But I'm still somewhere lost in Missouri
So I'm sippin' now till I feeling worthy (Ooh)
Heard you lookin' for me from a little birdy, yeah
When I call your phone, it says do not disturb me, yeah
Now it's hella clear, you never did deserve me, yeah

I'ma call it quits at 11:30
Yeah, yeah
I'ma call it quits at 11:30
I'ma call it quits at 11:30
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
She be hella wolf, that sh*t do not concern mе, yeah
I ain't here for you hoе, 'less you love the journey
I ain't here for that sh*t, girl I'm in a hurry
I'ma get right back with you when I'm a dirty
Through the abstinence girl, I've been hella sturdy
Heard yo homie gets up on me hella early
I've been rockin' that b*t*h, girl I feel like Curry
Shootin' that b*t*h like I got a dirty
Doin' NBA Jam, jam worthy
I've been different now, I've been goin' murdy

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