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"Bullet Proof"

[Verse 1]
They be trying to shoot shots, I just watch their gun fail
That just made me stronger, all that hate just came with dumb bells
Ain’t that cooper some' else? Got no time for duck tales
Y’all can see the picture, y’all must be looking at thumbnails
Suicide’s like bye bye, he don’t really ride fly
Pull ‘em curtains off top, voilá, while I
Look at that like mama, everyday I fly high
Never at the crib when I come home it’s just a drive by
"Brat brat", yeah, that’s that, these ain’t just no rap snacks
I’m too busy eating while at large ? my backpack
Lizard on my snap back, just accept the fact that
I’ll keep collecting paper till it looks like I’mma pack rat
Had the shoe box stash when other youngings had a bug jar
I didn’t have no Jordans but I made enough for a car
Gave that to my mother, none of my hustle is subpar
Must be out your mind ’cause it’s my mind that got us this far
And I’m just

So bullet proof, so bullet proof, so bullet proof
They know they nothing they be trying to criticize all I’ve done
I see ‘em taking shots one by one
They pull and shoot, I keep pulling through like I’m bullet proof
It seems like everbody’s aiming at you when you’re number one
But that won’t stop me, baby, I’m not done

[Verse 2]
I don’t really know how they can find the success
But I know the way I be come and die is the best
See they gon’ try their best to turn your mind to a mess
So when you never mind ‘em then it’s mind in distress
They gonna try to block yes, that’s part of the process
They look for success, but now they see it like the Loch Ness
Paper in my pockets, they can’t even buy this
Yeah, we eating real good, but they even can’t even digest
Fake is what they want to, they can’t handle the truth
So I just get my camp wisdom like Iraq does with the troops
I’m the truth so what’s proof? Hope you wear your taboos
They say don’t burn no bridges, try to cross me and get cut loose
I’m 100 plus deuce, shadow proof ain’t gun proof
But try to get some head they try to strike you through the sun roof
They just want my chair and try to push me out like the goose
Losers giving headache but success can be my masseuse
Let me get my real robe, let ‘em know I fear no
Evil, but that evil tryin’ to whisper in my ear though
Wanna make a deal bro, tell me who you kill for
What you need to ask me is to tell you who I live for
‘Cause I’m just


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