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"Whole City Behind Us"

[Rasaq - talking]
Yeah, it's Rasaq boy
Texas n*gga, the whole south behind us n*gga
Chamillitary mayne

Now that we got a deal (deal)
I'm comin' down swangin' bumpin' grill (grill)
Candy over seal, raisin' up my fifth wheel (wheel)
And I don't give a damn how these other n*ggas feel (feel)
Cause I'm a show skill from the land of the trill (trill)
For real, I got a ticket to a meal
I used to try to take a quarter flip it to a bill
Yeah, now I take the clip and stick it to the steal (uh huh)
Now take diamond chips and stick it to my grill (blawh)
Tall tee, small G this is all me (all me)
Lyrically to the fifth degree
I spit it so vividly, ya ears can see
I paint a picture as clear as a DVD (watch n*gga)
n*ggas sell their soul in this industry
Thats why they CEOS wanna discuss me
Thats why these n*ggas change and they discust me
Is these n*ggas lame or is it just me
I'm a speak my mind til my tounge has no breath
They say I'm possessed, I say I'm so blessed
Haha, Yellow stones on my neck
Stones yellow as a yellow bones tone in the flesh
If the roof on fire no need to second guess
I burn down buildings, like David Coresh
Yes, and if you think you the best
This dude is next, now move to the left (slide over n*gga)
n*ggas pray and say, I'm loosin' a step
But I'll call the shots just like booin' the reff (I'm holdin' the whistle n*gga)
Yeah n*gga, what you expect
We got our own set, we write our own cheques
The chain look like a choker when it's hangin' round my neck
Cause the chest poked out, like I'm flexin my pecks
When I spit a flow, I show much finesse
I'm best at my worst, worst at best
You could be in the booth all day, I'll behind the desk
You could be out in the open, I'll be behind the vest
A lot of n*ggas be talkin' but only half of 'em hard
Soon as they tapped in the jaw, then they be askin' for God

Yeah, it's a fact the whole city's behind us
It's a fact the whole city's behind us
Northside, Eastside, Westside, Southside (southside)
So y'all step to the side, ha

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