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"Chamillionaire Freestyle"

Chamillitary mayne!

[Chamillionaire repeated and scratch 3X]
Stay in the house a bit, don't come out of it
'Bout me, n*ggas best not be announcin it
Like your mouth real big, never doubt the kid
What I spit is legit, real n*ggas vouch for it

They say "Ouch you're sick," I say, "I'm sick?"
After what I did, man the SwishaHouse is sick
Dyke Jones, pus*y n*gga that they vouch for, pig
The wrong n*gga to mess with, but I caught that trick
So yeah, I had to show 'em how I do it
Now they listenin to the music and they say that I'm the truest
But I knew it, they was foolish, they was actin kinda coolish
Why you lookin at my diamonds and actin like they cubics?
Talkin like you're bulletproof, n*ggas actin like they suited
So I dropped "Mixtape Messiah," right after that they rooted
For the mixtape God, they actin like I'm buddhist
Got 'em praisin my phrase, I just rap and they salute it
"Attention!" Now hang it up like a hanger
Send it to the M-I-A and this'll be another banger
Real n*ggas don't snitch, I won't be the one to name ya
Laws come around here and I won't be the one to blame ya
Uh-uh, I shouldn't be an entertainer
It won't be the index, it's gon' be another fanger
That I hold up to camera I ain't gon' be no complainer
If it's drama that you came for you gon' be another stranger

"Chamillitary mayne"

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