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"Stay Schemin' (Freestyle)"

Hallelujah the God's back, but don't twist the interpretation
More than just ridin' dirty, please pardon the reputation
Don't stress cause we getting blessed, they ain't part of the congregation
They can talk to the Devil, to Hell with they conversations
Most of 'em just be talkin', tired of hearing speeches
Keep your opinion if I didn't ask you to give a thesis
Scripture says every man is made in the likeness of Jesus
Froze all the holy water, flooded my Jesus pieces
So I stay gleaming
You ain't even playin the game and you talking like you Skip Bayless
Criticize he who made it, calling it entertainment
Difference between you and Skip is you ain't the one getting payments
Talking 'bout practice, we talking 'bout practice
The nursery rhymes they spit is was what I can do backwards
The rocks that I got, been palming them longer than Shaq's fist
Doing deals with Volkswagen global while walking in Saks Fifth
I keep on reppin' that Texas, I rep it they say its local
People who normally hate you the best you got to promote you
Normally it's a person that never came and approached you
Hope that ain't how they quote you, I'll choke you out of your vocals
Take everything that you worked for and everything that you have
Everything that you got can all disappear in a flash
To be honest, I'm nowhere as big as back in the past
But no matter where I end up I'll have more than your lil' cash
Ugh, now look yourself in the eyes
Convince yourself you're as real as the people you criticize
People who dead to me like "Chamillionaire's still alive"
Only thing that done died is my doors in a suicide
Nowadays losers win so you really can't even call it
Buy it you say I lease it, lease it you say you bought it
20k for your chain but your mastering sounding garbage
If y'all really getting money I think we gonna need an audit
Girl that got the most issues the one that look like a goddess
So tell me why would I care bout which vixen they think the hottest
Women who got in college said they ain't giving knowledge
Minute she switch it up shell just say she was being modest
Salute to all you lil' sneak dissin' rappers who never charted
Talk like you sold some records, tell me someone who bought it
Even after this verse if I end up dearly departed
I'd rather be the one that saw it than the one that didn't retort it
Cause they

Stay scheming, scheming
But don't get mad just get like me, get like me, get like me
They scheming, scheming
But careful cause I get trigger happy, trigger happy, trigger happy
But don't blame me

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