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"Won't Hear A Sound"

Uh, Chamillitary mayne
Hold up
Let's take 'em to church

It's been too long you been gone
Now you emerge on the scene
Like it ain't nothing to a boss, but what's a loss to a overachiever
Who don't believe in (believe in) having dreams?
I hear 'em talking loud, let's shut 'em down
Oooh, I bet we won't hear a sound

[Verse 1]
See, I don’t really get the concept
Of competing with those who can’t even get in a contest
Talks of me getting any loss was farfetched
But I promise that the losses I took were God blessed
Rapping religion is common in conversation
I respond that the money, is non-denomination
Half of my hustle days is doing negotiations
The other half of my day is for getting the compensation
Quitting, you’re a creation, quit the an improvisation
Rappers is really actors, tell me if I’m mistaken
Realness is a minority, fakeness is a majority
God looked at the world, and after that he imported me
Don’t get to talkin about koopa like you employin' G
You're the employer who act like you got authority
You're royalty when you show them you're royalties
Usually side switching, and always talking about loyalty
What’s the difference between an artist and a borrower
Same difference between a model and...
What’s the difference between an artist and a follower
Same difference between a...and a common, uh!
Get a thermometer, heatin up my barometer
Sensitive cry babies, I’m purchasing baby monitors
Y'all was listening to Naughty By Nature, and wearing Nautica
I was taking what's mine like an Indian giving auditor
We ain’t the same, I’m coming for every dollar
You’re sweeping under the rug, the carpet is what I’m calling for
Read about me, I check em in every article
Put the heat on his wax, and light it up like it’s Hanukkah
Yeah, you can ask around on the street
They gon' say I’m a hustler like Cassidy on the beat
Half of these rappers sweet, put a cavity on your teeth
When I make it a death list, put a causality on your sheet
Hope you geeks don’t think you actually can compete
When you’re typing into your Mac and attacking me from your seat
Only chrome that you got is the browser you use to speak
Only voice that you got is the characters in the tweet
Kill it and log off you ignorant non-boss
Pick up what y'all lost, let’s get it at all cost
People like you go, whenever the car starts
But you ain’t never a driver, you stop when your car parks
Making you boys nervous, I'm murdering more verses
The the reason for more hearses, I’m sending you car service
They say they need more verbage, but talking is all worthless
Cause you don't need more verses, you really need more purpose

First, she told me that she a dancer
Oh, then she told me that she a cancer
Coming with me when you need to give me an answer
Turning, look at her friend that responded I think we can, sir
You’re scheming on me for any of my possessions
Find me where you can find me, I hope that you got directions
No pillow talking to women
Was never great with confessions, barely pick up the phone
Bet she gonna get the message!
Literally I hit them with the artillery
Label the ammunition, my trillness is on infinity
Go get your mobile, and plug it in the auxiliary
Then you can really see that it ain’t a rapper that is killing me!


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