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"Voice of Reason"

[Intro: chamillionaire}
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up

A conversation between 2 different people
One's the original and one's the sequel
See one ain't never scared to tell you what he believe in
But you always got the other one that's that voice of reason

[Verse 1: chamillionaire]

See life is a game of chess and I never could be a pawn
I calculate every step they gon' kiss the ring of the don
These basic women I meet they could never be on my arm
Love me cause of my ice and the blueishness of my charm
Ain't stressing about a heffa'
I treat her just like my songs
Play her then play her twice
She'll remember me when I'm gone
Ain't nobody that want it they knowin I'm gon' respond
These suckers is false alarms and they knowin that I'm a bomb
Let a sucker pull out his heat like he's daring me to reply
I'm speaking into his piece like I'm daring the kid to try
Most people will hold the truth, they'll share it if its a lie
And the truth is before I let you embarrass me I would die
So I'm living like Superman what the hell is a kryptonite?
When I know I can have some gangstas show up at your crib tonight
Don't think you're invincible cause you're holding your pistol tight
You pull a mac in my sight and I bet you won't live to type
Careful of how I rep when I throw my set in the sky
Living a life that's factual I never could live a lie
A legacy lives forever, some Arabs just live to die
So when the grim reaper try me im staring him in his eye
I can't' put on a business tie that ain't really the way I hustle
Ain't trying to scuff up the suit, negotiate with my knuckles
Currency out in customs, euros inside the duffle
Money I didn't declare I said ten but it's really double
You touch it it's gon' be trouble noone touching my cash
I'm welcoming any suckers and busters who wanna clash
Just cause I put on the hoodie don't mean that I'm lower class
We can discuss the future but that don't erase the past
No stopping my vibrating keep on moving and shaking
Brought more illegal hundreds through customs then immigration
On the quest to be great and im probably gon' show up late
When I'm leaving my lady waiting I call it anticipation
Go ahead throw a stone if you feel it'll to entertain you
Better hope that you miss don't be the one getting strangle
They say that money can change you that depends on the angle
Tell em how much it cost to get turn to a perfect angel
She talking relationships and the exit to be complete
Moved in to kiss the lips and I missed em' and kiss the cheek
Generation confused they know that they can't compete
Their movements ain't really movement I'm moving away from my seat
They say stay away from the drama you probably could be Obama
Just because how I dress they look at me like I'm Osama
Interrogating you the asked the last time that I've seen my father
Tell you that and you guessed it, the last time that I seen my mama

They say that it'll be alright but sometimes I kinda doubt it
I admit that I doubt it
Mhm they say that itll be alright but sometimes I kinda doubt it
Mhm I admit that I doubt it

See that's how the conversation normally go, til you flip over the card and see the other side of the conversation
Its always the wise man, the OG, giving you a little game in a calm voice sounding like...

[Verse 2]
See life is a game of chess try your best to not be the pawn
Calculate every step make em kiss the ring of the don
Every women you meet, treat her good as you treat your mom
And I promise you'll end up with something beautiful on your arm
Don't stress about no one else
Treat your family just like your songs
Calculate what you say
They'll remember it when your gone
Any question you get that ain't worthy then don't respond
Let em think what they think just kill em all with your charm
Killer pull out his heat and he daring you to reply?
That speaking like you a chief or a sheriff will never fly
Most people will hold the truth, they'll share it if its a lie
But the truth is you really can't get embarrassed after you die
Dont try to be Superman when you standing on kryptonite
Think carefully when you speak, might help you to live tonight
Don't think you're invincible cause you're holding your pistol tight
You see a mac in your sight that don't mean you gon' live to skype
Be thankful of every breath like you cherishing a supply
You'll be a breath of fresh air, learn to humidify
A legacy lives forever is probably the biggest lie
Cause a legacy ain't gon' live if no one remembers you died
Go put on a business tie gotta make em respect your hustle
You can keep on them sneaks so they know you came up like Russel
Currency out in customs, don't sneak it into your duffle
It's money you didn't declare then them people gon' think your trouble
You stacking and keep it suddle you can go make the cash
Be careful of all the vultures and cultures that love to clash
Just cause you wear a hoodie don't mean that your lower class
We can go fix the future but that don't erase the past
No hating your vibrating I know your moving and shaking
But save it or later you'll look in your vault and see it's vacant
On the quest to be great and I know you'll probably be late
When you leaving your lady waiting just hope that she don't get taken
Tired of finger pointing you doin what entertain you
Remember its entertainment, not something that can sustain you
They say that money will change you, never a perfect angel
But angel and invest and hope that that lead to the perfect angle
The women you give your rang to I hope that she never cheat
She move in to kiss your lips, I just hope that kiss is sweet
This generation confused "what the hell is a twitter tweet?"
Your movement ain't really moving if doing it from your seat
Stay away from the drama you could probably be Obama
Dont act like we ever thought we would even see Obama
I know you ain't seen your momma I know you ain't seen your father
But just cause they dissapeared doesn't mean you gotta be a goner

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