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"The Game Needs Me (Freestyle)"

Chamillitary mayne

Yea anotha song about my paperrrr
Cause I know how mad it make my hater's yeaaa

Uh so what
Hold up

[Verse 1:]
Koopas the past he ain't reppin new houston
I said I'm the main reason that they even knew houston
If you can't see that I'm the truth then you in denial
The only time ya gettin dough is in the d owww
Let me address it since all these groupies is talking
You can't say it to my face then all of ya'll is soft then
Ya'll ain't got no vaults man I deposit often
I bein gettin paid since swishahouse was in apartment
Walked in took me a plate yea I bein eatin since
My mini me's ya dna got my fingerprints
I'm bout my buisness don't greet me with any greediness
Musta got me mixed up with others just like ingrediants
See time is money so I got me a cash clock
See ya'll call it a benjamin I call it my mascot
Why they keep talkin bout how super crazy they cash got
I'm thinking how come we don't ever see it like sasquatch
Still hold that pistol tight I can't be no grinch tonight
How could I with all this jewellery shirt lit up like christmas lights
Somethin special mixed with sprite
Ain't lookin for mrs right
But if you ain't gon lay that pipe then I'm a do your mrs right
They say the kid is hype, say it till my vault then
I don't stick my hands in my safe homie I walk in
Often, bossman, look how quick I toss 10
When you can match what I throw back and we can talk thenn

Yea another song about my paperrrr
Cause I know how mad it make my hater'ss yea
But where the hell would ya'll beee
It ain't the same without meee
Cause I'm the player ya'll neeeedd
The game needs me, the games needs meeee

[Verse 2:]
Hold up, hold up
I always bein a cool cat you coud call me heathcliff
Stayin cool under pressure you could call it speed stick
I ain; t with the reachin, not the one ta beef with
Got the right to bare arms like my other sleeve ripped
Ain't you the rapper that was askin for a freestyle
Hatin on the style but they be really groupies deep down
Don't throw a rock then try n come an ask for peace now
Always known to keep a new missile on the speed dial
Yippee kayyeaaaa who wanna be bruce willis
I do still go and never could do finish
I'm like the new dennis 2 thousand 1 2 mennis
I don't do back and forth that's why I don't do tennis
Uh, honestly ya know the person who will usually try me
Someone who think that he cool stuck in a loser body
Then you'll, let me show you how to do karate
The drop keep the wax on like I knew mayagi
I stack chips for practice, backflips, doin gymnastics on the atlas, a actress in search of my mattress can't get access
Mattress to me is like sleepin on top of cactus
I be like baby get to dancing
She back it up and my weapon be gettin jammed in
I take ya to my backyard like let's go camping
The cribs scary I call it marilyn mansion
You'll never get me to trick I'm too tricky
You can massage the balls I mean licky
Call me the boss like ya'll done seen ricky
Get a massage from minaj I mean nickiii
Oh I'm sorry but I know that that's your lady
But I'll take her somewhere wet and get her wetter than the navy



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