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"Hands on the Wheel (Freestyle)"

Uh chamillitary mayne
Hold up
You know how them Texas boys be having they trunks extended up off that frame
That's how my pinky ring be looking when I'm holding my hand on that grain

Uh hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel
Yea only for the trill, only for the trill
Hold up, what up Schoolboy
What up ASAP
Ey let's get it

Here we go, don't fall back no time to rest
Don't stretch ya legs we got streets to get
Be careful of the people that'll heat the lead
And try to tell the hollowtips to go and heat ya head
I represent for Texas and my peeps is dead
That's why the paint on the Biarritz's looking pizza red
The leather look the color of the pizza bread
But I'm a color change that like a easter egg
Stacks is longer than 8 laps
I'm Wells Fargo B and Vay Chase that
You know these nerds is never gone face that
The girl in my lap and that's face flat
The tint is Wesley Snipes face black
The candy looking like taste that
The diamonds rocky like ASAP's
She gone take it off for me (ASAP)
The blood I bleed is true, R.I.P to Screw
Don't need nobody telling me what else I need to do
You can keep your paws but if green was blue
Everybody watching me because they need a clue
They can see I do know how to chase a grand
Race the Benz, evade the man
You can change ya plan, only anger Cham
When the money ain't correct when it's exchanging hands
Me and spokes go together like 8 and 3
Me and cool go together like A and C
Some many styles that I got is like a to z
So many rappers say they real but look fake to me
Me and grind go together like Jay and B
It's like M and J, it's like Spike and Lee
If you lazy then you got every right to be
But you can never be my dog (whoof) Michael V
They was moving slow that's why my lane was stuck
Had to switch it up I had to lane adjust
Now that lane is just for all the lames and such
If they do, you know what
Then tell 'em I'm who came to flush
Catch me in the caddy with the painted clutch
Looking for a bigger closet I could hang my nuts
Got the Nintendo gun and now my aim is up
Every rapper in the game just became a duck (haha)
When I blow a cartridge
All the fakes and lames will all turn to carcass
When they see me getting it and getting things accomplished
Now we cousins like we both named DeMarcus
Naw, you is not my family, you ain't riding candy
Hoes ain't dropping panties
You ain't worth a cent and never got a grammy
You won't understand the real so you ain't got to jam me

Man who is you, who is you
Telling us what we bout to do
You're not the trill and you're not the truth
So don't mess around and get chopped and screwed
If we sold it once then we can sell it twice
Cause these Texas boys is way more than hype
Sold it once then we can sell it twice
Cause these Texas boys is way more than hype
Damn right

Hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel
Only for the trill, only for the trill

Ya already know Chamillionaire.com
Hands on the wheel, hands on the wheel
It's the general soldier salute

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