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"Show Me The Money"

(yeah yeah)

These rappers be acting like they not fake like wrestling
My money is greater that means my haters is less than
Sigh, you know them haters gon wait for they best chance
They wait for that day that I ain't gon lay with that weapon
You know that?s a dream, just like that sing on def jam
I?m marrying money, whose wanna say the best man?
I win on the honey moon and came home with the best tan
There?s green all over me, in my pockets and left hand
Green, you should know what I mean
They saying no I in Team
But it ain't no you and me
So with you I cannot be seen
See they all gon say that they love you
Then I?m gon say that I don?t trust you
I got to stay on my hustle
So let?s get it

(Yeah yea. Hold up)
They was thinking its over
I was taking it over
Now im painting the rova
While making cake on my mobile
They always talking the hustle
Homies hate to come over

They could wait for the cash but no my patience is lower
From the home of the hustles who put the drink in the soda
So I stayed on the hustle they tried to hate cause I?m sober
Why you say you was sober? Came in banking the coma
And you be boding for bubbles. I?ll throw ya face in ya cooler. (hold up)
They can see the photo drop looking like a photo opt
Picture me popping tags, you can call it photo shop
Play with me if you want, its gon be a photo shoot
Paparazzi taking pictures while I let the photo proof

Stay on point (yup) cross your T?s and dot your I?s
They just tell a lot of lies, I can?t say I?m not surprised
Vertical (yup) till I horizontalize
Anybody I despise they will not apologize
Talking hustles, they ain't never had one
Black car, make them say where you get that from?
Make a bet (bet), he ain't gon put half on
That?s false, like the circle on a scantron
Gotta get it, they ain't give me this for free
So just know before you hit me that its gone come with a fee
Turn on the TV, what ya get is what a see
Cause theres nothing on them channels gonna be as real as me

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