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[Verse 1: Rav]
There's something rotten inside me
You told me to be better and honestly, likely
You told me to be more, truth is I cannot be
You told me to be smart, to promise and I'm free
You told me to be strong and belong, alarm me
That otherwise my laugh won't be long and lively
To some when I'm gone, they don't despise me
You told me don't be wrong, forgot that I'm me
Become something that I'm not
Crushed between the four walls, ceiling and the floor boards
I can't walk nor see forwards, when I talk my speech Mordor
Scrambled thoughts that need order
Not in reach, they're lost in deep waters
Drawn on sleep, exhaust my zeal harder
Caught in grief, I've honestly authored

[Pre-Chorus: Rav]
I don't wanna swim no more, I wanna fly
Looking up at those that do, but I don't identify
I feel lonely when I try, my dreams always seem to die
I keep falling, I'm so sorry, I'm appalling in your eyes

[Chorus: Rav]
Show me how to be, I'll show you how to not
I will climb the tallest tree and tie the tightest knot
Hell yeah I'm flawed as hell, I could never love myself
As long as I carry this guilt, I will never feel fulfilled [x2]
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