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"List of ROBLOX Hats"

ROBLOX members can customize their virtual characters with several items, including hats, which can be bought from the website's catalog using virtual currency called "ROBUX". The following is a list of ROBLOX hats in alphabetical order, annotated with statistics and other information about each hat.

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1st Battalion Red Devils Beret
8-Ball Headphones
America's Sweetheart
Andrew's Beard
Astronaut Helmet
Bat Wings
Beautiful Blond Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Hair for Purple People
Beautiful Red Hair for Beautiful People
Bed Hair
Black and Red
Black Fur Cap
Black Ninja Headband of the Silent Sun
Blind Rogue
Blockhead Baseball Cap
Blond Charmer
Blond Winner
Blue Anime Girl Hair
Blue Dirt Bike Goggles
Blue Paintball Mask
Blue Swoosh Hair
Brown Riding Hood
Buddy Baseball Cap
Bull Moose Party
Canada Styles
Canadian Beanie
Charming Brown-haired Fellow
Cinnamon Hair
Cotton Candy Hair
Crimson Shades
Crimson Winter Scarf
DarkAge Ninja Swordpack
Dark Blue Light Hair
Dark Camo Paintball Mask
Deluxe Bandit Mask
Deluxe Paintball Helmet
Desert World Bandit
Dog Ears
Dog Tags
Dust Mask
Empyrean Reignment
Empyrean Reignment II
Exoflex Spax Helmex
Fabulous Hair
Fire Fighter Hazard Mask
Galaxy Girl
Golden Hair
Great Hair Day
Green Beret
Green Boa
Grey Cat Tail
Hipster Glasses
Holly Hair
Honey Blonde Ponytail
Hunter Snow Cap
Ice-Nine Dronehelm
John's Glasses
Kitty Ears
Lava Hair
Mean Green Bandana
Messy Hair
Miss Auburn Hair
Mouse Ears
Mr. Robot
Nerd Glasses
Neon Green Animal Hoodie
Neon Green Shuttershades
Nice Red Bandana
Ninja Mask of Fire
Ninja Mask of Shadows
Normal Boy Hair
Operation Desert Cyclone
Orinthian Lady
Ostrichsized Winter Scarf
Paper Crown
Paper Hat
Phantom of the Opera
Punk Kid
Question Mark
Rain Bophones
Ranger Hat
RBX Skater
Red Animal Hoodie
Red Beanie & Blonde Hair
Red Paintball Mask
ROBLOX Conference Lanyard
Roblox Tie
Robot Beanie
Rock Star with Side Swept Bangs
Rose Colored Glasses
Secret Kid Wizard Glasses
Shade Samurai
Shimmering Ultraflash Anime Hair
Shoulder Crow
Sinister Branches
Snake Eyes
Snake Slate Hood
Snowboarder Beanie
Snow Leopard Fedora
Stage Prop
Straw Hat
Super Scuba
Tee Vee
Tin Pot
Tokyokhaos Penguin
Trecky Hair
Tribal Turkey Hunter
Ultimate Victory
Unicorn Beanie
Unicorn Horn
Whipped Cream Hat
White Ninja Headband of the Unimpeachable Soul
x32 Advanced Scout Headgear
Xtreme Rainbow Hair

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