Slow Motion (Johan Lenox Version)

Charlotte Lawrence


[Verse 1]
The colors are fading out
Is it quiet where you're sleeping?
Your records, my empty house
I wish I knew what you were feeling

Fighting every instinct while you hold your pride
Back to the beginning, it swallows my mind
You're all that I think about
I even see you when I'm dreaming

I wish that I could hate you, my baby
I wish that when I left, you'd've chased me
I didn't wanna change, but you made me
Now you're telling all your friends that I'm crazy
Hard to believe that you ever really loved mе
I made-believе that you cared when you touched me
I know I'll be movin' on in slow motion

[Verse 2]
I've never been good with words
But you didn't try to listen
Could call, but I won't be the first
To remind you what you're missin'
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