"Fast Lane"

Ay, ay, ay, ay

My pockets fat, they say I still ain't changed
I'm smokin' gas, I'm smokin' flavor gang
They be like, "What you do?", I be like, "Juggin', mane"
Fell in love wit' cake, I swear I went insane
Posted wit' the gang, you was never gang
Your hoe, she ride the wave, I'm in the fast lane
I ran up them racks, now she want my last name
Never chased a hoe, that's why them racks came
n***a think he gangster, pull his damn card
Just like my stick, don't got no damn heart
Yeah, n***a get to poppin' just like Pop-Tart

Yeah, all my n***as on go just like go-kart
Yeah, a lot of these n***as pu**y, ain't got no heart
Yeah, f**k n***a know what's up wit' me, what's happenin'
Yeah, come around wit' that bullsh*t, get to blammin'
Yeah, these n***as so pu**y, don't make no damn sense
Yeah, turnin' a n***a to past tense
f**k n***a gotta go
n***as hate, wanna hate me some more
I'm on that f**k sh*t, better lay low
When you havin' power, you have say, so
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