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"Up To Sum"

"Man f*ck Andrew"

All Black on know I'm up to sum
Im walking around wit that nine lets get it
In a plain white tee, hoe say Im stunnin
You should call me ben, cause I look like money
Damn I look like a blue hunnid
If you gotta juug, Ima say lets run it
If its bout getting guap, hell yea I does it
This broke n*gga mad because he doesn't

Verse 1:
I got them racks in my hand
I was just broke wit no bands
I don't give a f*ck bout instagram
You don't even gotta know who I am
f*ck da fame n*gga I want the money
Money, Money, I can't get enough money
My n*ggas grimey swear this sh*t can get ugly
She tryna f*ck me, used to say I was ugly
We was road runnin, smoking, standing on the highway
I make a play, on my phone, every friday
I walk in the bank and they look at me sideways
I smell like a P and I dont even care
I ball on the n*ggas, this sh*t ain't fair
These n*ggas is soft, like sum good hair

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