You’re Mines Still (Remix)

Yung Bleu

If I ever
Broke yo heart, my love, just know that it get better with time (time)
All we seen together, why the f**k you acting blind now?
Tried to spark the flame, but I said f**k it, guess our time’s out
Back and forth, we going, guess I’ll call when it’s died down (I hope you answer)

‘Cause they say time heals
But honestly I’m thinking that that time kills

But let’s just go back to them days, when we were more than just in love
They would laugh up in our face, but we would nеver give a f**k
We would mask all our mistakеs, but we were never giving up
Left a mark with every trace and all they ever saw was us

So what you call that? (what you call that?)
I want my heart back (want my heart back)
You taught me always push forward so I’m not gone fall back (not gone fall back)
Drop yo location, just tell me where I went wrong at
Prolly at places you know that you don’t belong at (yeah, yeah)

Mesmerized by yo pretty face and yo bad intentions
’Til I woke up next to badder women
Mixing Henney with some bad decisions
And I’m the highest in the room, I never had a limit

All that sh*t that you left for, you went and did too (yeah)
So how can I forgive you?
And I’m so tired of being tired of being tired
But I be living in a lie
Pride too stuck to say goodbye or to hear you

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