Perfect lyrics

Yung Bleu

Who made this beat?
Twysted Genius, baby

Uh, die for me, n***a, I'm—
I'm damn near perfect
Die for me, n***a, I'm—, yeah
I'm damn near perfect
Die for me, n***a, I'm—

[Verse 1: Lakeyah]
Look, that b*t*h a ten, her attitude bad
She know she all that with a pretty face (Yeah)
He heard about me from the n***as I curved, huh
I'm guessin' he want a taste (He do)
Heard his water like my Cuban link (Uh)
That commitment sh*t ain't really new to me
Make a n***a sing that old Durk and have him screamin', "Baby, what you do to me?" (Oh-oh)
Damn, look at that smile
Nose up so far, she'll turn you down (Yeah)
Your old ho so gassed up, no lie
Put it down so good, I'ma make you proud, uh (Make you proud)
Have a n***a Prada bag me (Prada)
Your n***as wonder how you bagged me? (Ayy)
She a freak b*t*h, but she classy (Freaky)
If you treat her right, she get nasty (Uh)
Got my own so I don't need a n***a
Try to do me in and I'ma leave a n***a (Yeah)
Solid b*t*h and she stiff as hell
Everybody say that she conceited, n***a
Wait up for a b*t*h, I'm workin' (Wait up)
Put my name on you in cursive (Uh)
I'ma lay it down way better than my verses
Make you wanna die for me, n***a, I'm perfect

[Verse 2: Yung Bleu]
My lil' b*t*h perfect (Perfect)
She can get a brand new Birkin (Got a brand new Birkin)
Thank God, she twerk it (Twerk it)
Pretty lil' waist, she perfect
In the back of the 'Burban, she give me head while I'm swervin'
Can I lick on your toes and do you a service 'til you c*m and you squirtin'?
She gon' ride like a freak
They wanna be on The Shade Room (Shade Room)
She wanna f**k in the day room (Day room)
If she in the mood (Ooh)
We could f**k in the pool (We could f**k in the pool)
I ain't tryna be rude (I ain't tryna be rude)
I know that you freaky, I could tell that
If she want she some racks, I could spare that
I'm drivin' her crazy in this Hellcat (Skrrt)
I sprayed on Versace, know you smell that
I love when she suckin', pull her hair back (Yes)
I pull out my hammer, I'ma nail that (Yeah)
I ain't takin' no L
First three years, I took her through hell (Damn)
Baby, we made it (Made it)
You was f**kin' with him and you crossed me up (Up)
Like Tracy McGrady (sh*t)
She called me at the hotel late night (Woo)
I was makin' a baby (Baby)
And she told me to go to hell last night (Damn)
Now she f**kin' with Satan (Hahaha), yeah
I'm a demon, pull up in the Demon and give her some semen (Skrrt)
Hope you believe it, 'cause baby, you perfect

[Outro: Lakeyah]
I'm damn near perfect
Die for me, n***a, I'm—, yeah
I'm damn near perfect
Die for me, n***a, I'm—

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