Bernstein - I hate music!: I’m a person too lyrics

Leonard Bernstein

I just found out today that I'm a person too
Like you
I like balloons
Lots of people like balloons
But everyone says, "Isn't she cute? She likes balloons!"

I'm a person too, like you!
I like things that everyone likes
I like soft things and movies and horses and warm things and red things
Don't you?

I have lots of thoughts
Like what's behind the sky?
And what's behind what's behind the sky?
But ev'ryone says, "Isn't she sweet? She wants to know ev'rything!"
Don't you?
Of course, I'm very young to be saying all these things in front of so many people like you
But I'm a person too!
Though I'm only 10 years old
I'm a person too
Like you!

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