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"On Ya Head (Tory Lanez Diss)"

Dream, uh
Yeah, question, is she f*ckin' for the money or is she f*ckin' for free?
All I know, after this, you ain't gon' be f*ckin' with me
Nana, nope (Woo)

(I put that pus*y on ya head)
Uh, the same night I met Tory, had him eatin' my box
Eatin' my ass, he tried to suck my feet through my socks
Don't ever say my name on no record, you tryna get props
'Cause the day I feel disrespected, I make you my opps
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
On ya head in the bed
Up and down, runnin' 'round, had Bigen all on my legs (Ew)
And that's word to my mother, n*gga
Only n*gga I ever f*cked that wanted a threesome with another n*gga (No cap)
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
Yeah, you heard right, another n*gga
That lean havin' you lean fiendin', you buggin', n*gga (Damn)
You insecure, let me hug this n*gga (Aww)
I got the whole BX ready to slug this n*gga (BX)
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
I put the shooters at your lab in your house
You finally got a tour with Drizzy, now keep his di*k outta your mouth (di*k mouth)
You've been beggin' for attention, beggin' for a lynchin' (Ugh)
You mad I post a comment to say it in my mentions, n*gga
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
Yo, Raina, come and get your n*gga
Had the wooden Jesus piece, Master Splinter, n*gga (Ow)
And the worst part is I used to dig this n*gga
You was wearin' off brands, I had to drip this n*gga
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
Oh, you got a hairline now? I'll clip this n*gga
I put the pus*y where your wig is, n*gga, no lie
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
Now you all "CC this" and "CC that"
But if you ever CC Dream, just bring some facts
And that's that, let's CC Liv
But since you won't see see sh*t
You know the vibe, suck my di*k
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
I bet I got you feelin' gaudy now
You f*ck with Meek and Cas so you cuzzy now
sh*t is gettin' fuzzy now (Boom, boom, boom)
You ToryNextDoor or Bryson Lanez
n*gga, you Daystar Peterson, a f*ckin' lame
(I put that pus*y on ya head)
I turn dreams to nightmares, you f*ckin' playin'?
I never f*cked my bro Don, the f*ck you sayin'? (Facts)
And Game talkin' 'bout Kim K, you talkin' 'bout me
Clout chasin' at a high I never thought it would be
pus*y so bomb he tried to put a body on me (Wow)
Can't even like a n*gga no more and f*ck him for free

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