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"Ah Ah Ah"

Dizzy, you violated

[Chorus: DreamDoll]
Uh, we in the building, we in the party
We in the ah ah ah
We gettin' money, we gettin' cards
And we gettin' ah ah ah
I got the hookah, who got the bottles?
Who got the ah ah ah?
Got a new b*t*h, got a new body
Got a new ah ah ah

[Verse 1: DreamDoll]
Ah ah ah
He got that hood stroke, yeah
But ah ah ah
He got that good throat, uh
And ah ah ah
He pay that car note
But, ah ah ah, do ah ah ah
He can't stay hard though
Y'all know, and my groupchat lit
Like ah ah ah ain't sh*t
'Cause ah ah ah came quick
So, ah ah ah can't hit
And I been that b*t*h
When I hop in that whip
Don't tell me you proud of me
You gotta Prada me
You better spend that sh*t
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