Azide x J Swey

"Under Pressure"

I hang with some killers, throw rounds at [?] n***as
Got pounds like a dealer, I'm cold like a freezer
I'm hot like a fever, beat the game like a cheater
Bro I got that heat, oh woah, that gasolina

When this sh*t drop, then you n***as in trouble
Two hits are down and we making them doubles
Nah, I'm a diamond and I came out the rubble
She say my voice make her wet like a puddle
I like to flex, I don't like to be subtle
Flow sick, I'm riding the beat like a shuttlе
I'm gonna make it, I swear to my mother
Whеn I'm in the stu, man I [?] like no other
I reach a new level as soon as you [?]
I'm 'bout to blow up man, just like a puzzle
b*t*hes stay 'round me, I don't gotta cuff 'em
Pass 'em around like a robbery [?]
Follow the money like dogs and truffles
Digging up dough, had to give me a shovel
They standin' on labels, tho not on my level
Been independent since God and the Devil
True to myself, that's forever and ever
Competing with me, put myself under pressure
Had to boss up, now I'm cold like december
Farming the money, I'm gon' get this cheddar
Locked in the stu, shawty's down for whatever
Money ain't everything but remember
I know the money man, can change the weather
But only the music make me live forever
Always a taker, never been a beggar
Potential is infinite, can't even measure
I got some bars, you can't even [?]
The game looking fly, like we got some feathers
If I got the scope on, then shawty, I get it
Cheated, betrayed but I rap for my n***as
Murdered the pu**y, I guess I'm a killer
If killing's a sin, then I guess I'm a sinner
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