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Naomi Wild

"Last Time"

[Verse 1: KIIRA]
Go on and tell me that you're sorry
Cause I can read your mind from miles away
Your paranoia was the warning
Tension written all over your face

[Pre-Chorus: KIIRA]
And I can hear your heartbeat beating like a drum in your chest
While the words that you're speaking are covered in red
Know I always forgive, but I never forget, no

[Chorus: KIIRA]
So let this be the last time
I let you play with my fire, now listen I swear it's the last time
You take me for granted then ask for forgiveness
The last time
You go break my trust make me pick up the pieces
The last time, the last time

[Verse 2: KIIRA]
Love playing the victim don't you baby
Pointing fingers and turning the tables your favorite game
And the way you talk in circles so amusing
Why do all of your go to excuses sound one in the same

[Pre-Chorus: KIIRA]
Funny how you go back on sh*t that you said
See straight through your eyes all those lies in your head
While I had your back you had her in our bed, uh
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