Off The Porch lyrics

Key Glock

(ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney!)

Ay, I jumped off the Porsche then I jumped in the booth, I used to ride 10 speeds now I got a new coupe (yuh)
Young n***a humble but I play it off cool, but don't think this sh*t a game I'll put you on the news (yuh)
Choppaz on us, put them choppaz on you, yea the bean red and green but the bankroll blue (yuh)
Got a bad b*t*h she got a bankroll too, yea I be poppin' my sh*t, she be poppin' sh*t too (pop)

[Verse 1]
Hatin' ass n***as tryna' watch my moves (what?)
Ice and bling but the Glock go boom
Cappin' ass n***as can't do what I do (yuh)
Big Glock b*t*h and you know how I do it (YEA!)
These dawg ass hoes can't fool me, I got em' all choosing, got em' want to chew mе (YEA!)
Diamonds dancing on me like Uzi, choppa keep Bruce Lee, pullin' up too deep
Yuh, wit my .223, it's a baby choppa I'll rock ya ass to sleep
I been sippin' codеine, this sh*t got me too geeked
Yuh, too geeked

[Verse 2]
I been sippin' codeine, high for like two weeks
Smokin' on so strong, yo sh*t too weak
f**kin' up the ozone, burnin' so many trees (yea, yea)
Play n' you can get burnt too, young n***a straight out the South Memphis Zoo
And I don't play by the rules, I know a n***a b*t*h, then again I'm a goon (yuh)
Big ass stick, I'll clear out the room
I'll clear out your block when I bring out the broom (YEA!)
Big ass stick, I'll clear out the room
(I'll clear out your block when I bring out the broom)

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