Shut It Down
[Hook: Chris Miles]
That ba** been bumpin' and we ain't gonna turn it down
Our neighbors getting mad but we gon keep it loud
Them drawers be droppin' when they see us come around
Me and Traphik up in here and they know we gonna shut it down

[Verse 1: Traphik]
See everybody know what the name be now, when you play the sound so haters get back (Move!)
Too fly like a bird or a plane, or a nerve with a brain with a crazy jet pack (Pwoosh!)
Hey girl let me hit that, hit it raw like a steak I eat (Yup!)
After I smash I'mma pa** it to Chris, he look young but he got a fake ID (Yes!)
What's good? I'm boucin' around the talk of the town when I'm in my hood (Yea!)
OGs in the block know me they be like youngin' as you should (Yea!)
When I throw that D, they know it's me all b*t*hes wanna catch it (Hey!)
From the cla**y ones to the trashy ones I make 'em all get ratchet (Ratchet!)
So that's it, you're plastic, and my watch is a gold one
Your girl got a flat screen booty, my girls looking like the old ones (Damn!)
Yo Tim that's cold son, but really I don't give a f**k
Tim pac I rep for the west and I'm about to hit em up, (Westside!)
I'm a beast I'm a boss, b*t*h I'm godly (Yes!)
Every single thing you ever wanted, I embody (Uh!)
I pimp like Barney Stinson and I cop some hate for it
But I'm so legendary you ain't gotta wait for it (B*t*h!)

[Hook: Chris Miles]
[Verse 2: Chris Miles]
Hello, ghetto, what the hell you're tryna do?
Kill me on my own track I don't even like you
I do damage and nobody in the world with the similar flow and real talent
Spin it
Get a bit of it into your brain when I fricken come around
Whether that you coming down a bit but I will never stop though
And even everywhere but got no acto
I go Godzilla man I wonder, is it possible to rhyme so fly with some
I'm a prodigy, honestly I could be dope but Im not even trying no lie, oh my
It's Chris Miles with a flow that defies these guys, (?)
See my swag when I come up in the building
Me and Tim we about to make a killing, really
I ain't even playing with her man, your girl chillin' but she sayin' that she isn't
You sayin' you a man but you lookin' like a pu**y
Chris Miles go hard to the pain cause youre about to get it
Make it, forget them haters
I come in (?)
(?), we're spitting the fire that get them lames jealous
Soon as yall start I end it, let me spit it
Hop on the track, lil kid but they giving him a case of ganz
When I step up they step down and stretch the facts
Well it depends where I got my first central catch
You can try to run the game with your asthma
I go crazy like Taz does
Yeah we ahead of all y'all, man Traphik ain't even in traffic, easy
[Hook: Chris Miles]