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"Gangnam Style"

Yeah, weekly 16's
When I saw this was the highest voted beat
I was like, "Alright, challenge accepted!"

Y'all know me, Timothy
Flow so sick, no remedy
I'm a legend in the making, that's meant for me
But they try to take me out like a Kennedy
562 that is my hood
Getting kinda fat I been eating good
People talking sh*t, I'm misunderstood
You should say it to my face, b*tch I wish you would
K-Pop chicks all cook me Kogi
Philipina chicks all call me 'pogi'
Call me boo-boo like my name was yogi
I put my third leg in, like hokey-pokey
Can't be stopped when I'm on the scene
Tim J Fox wit a time machine
Making me more green then a lima bean
And when I finish up my verse then it's time to scream like yeah

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