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"Beamer, Benz, or Bentley"

I'm in my Nissan Honday Chevy, sippin Dr. Pepper Henny
Got a Betty in the shotty and she steady givin Becky
I'm about to bust it, she said tell me when you ready
I just did it, she don't spit it, she just slurp it like spaghetti

They wanna call me cheesy, but I'm all about my cheddah
All the haters wanna be me cuz nobody do it bettah
Now its just too easy if I wanna cop a sweatah
Got some b*tches in brazil that wanna kick it- Capoeira

Mind so dirty, but the style so clean
Mr nice guy, but the raps so mean
Call me hypebeast, cuz the cap supreme
But black girls say im winning, call that afro sheen

Livin like a boss sittin pretty in my pad
Runnin sh*t like a temple game you play on ya ipad
She said boy you got swag, I said I got it from my dad
And u mad cuz im sh*ttin on ya life- my bad

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