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"Ill Mind of Hopsin IV"

Yeah, Weekly 16's b*tch!
Uh oh! b*tch!
Yeah, yeah! Uh!

You got a problem? you should tell me what the problem is
Or I could puff ya lip up like injecting you with colleging
You haters always say my name and keep acknowledging
So take my di*k up out ya mouth and let ya momma polish it
Ya momma smelling like some kaka with chewbacca lips
I told her not to talk and put my c*ck in her esophagus
She started coughin spit my di*k out on some llama sh*t
I told her sorry baby, life is like a box of chocolates
So gimme any beat believe I can demolish it
'Cuz Timothy's unbeatable there ain't no people stopping it
My prerogative is spreading out the positive
Because honest to God I just got a lotta love to give
Speaking to Jesus wit my own telekinesis
I don't need to hear ya thesis on no demons and demonic sh*t
I just wanna rock it to Wockaflocka
While I watch Barack Obama walk us out to the Apocalypse

Ahh, bith!
Yeah! One take!

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