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"Strange Clouds"

Yeah, Uhh!

I'm a BOSS get me coffee in my office with a necktie
Bout to blow up overnight like I just jacked a red eye
Jedi- mind tricks- I'm vader with my saber
Yo girl sucked me now and later, so I made sure that the neighbors
New my name- you and I are not the same
I make my own monopoly and you just play the game
So tell me what it is- that you might want outta life
'Cuz I done already did it, and I'm 'bout to do it twice
I keep on grinding like employees at a coffee shop
Heat in my brain boiling daily like a coffee pot
Domination for this Asian, I can not be stopped
A killa kamikaze with karate and some sake shots
Yea so bring the b*tches through
Smash it then I pass it sorry chick I can't commit to you
pus*y rappers, you ain't nothing but some kitten food
So turn this motherf*cking mic off, I got sh*t to do

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