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"The Motto"

Yeah, Weelky 16's b*tch
It's the motto!
Shout-out to Drake
Awwww... Yeah!

Now if Traphik in the way, you should take a detour
I'm like Maryland, I'm just trying to B-more
The next Will Smith in the club getting jiggy
My girl go ham, you can call her miss piggy
I got too much game, save all of ya tokens
Everybody stair, like the elevator broken
Got ya lady choking on a di*k so pretty
Got her sprung make her wanna change her name like Diddy
Cuz I'm a bad boy, I do bad things
I'm unforgettable- nat king
Cole when I grind make em shine like diamonds
Beat the pus*y up say goodbye to ya hymen
Sorry but its so enticing
I'm a boss on the street call me M bison
Kill ya self b*tch, here's a pill bottle
Love peace skeet cheese, baby that's the real motto

Now she want a photo, you already know, though

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