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Yeah, I'm a f*cking rapping Asian dude
Heat up off my tongue like I'm throwing up some Cajun food
I dread locks kinda like Jamaican dudes
'Cuz I can't stand a f*cking door that I can't break into
Take a second let it marinate ya brain
While I take this clarinet and I'mma serenade ya dame
Addicted to the di*k now she wants marriage and the fame
'Cuz I made her say my name like a parrot in a cage
Now I'm a fan of Tyler The Creator
But you kids don't understand is that it's all just like theater
You think that you're unique 'cuz you listen to the Goblin
Same spot, shopping in, hot topic audience
Thinking you're a rebel 'cuz the music's so dark and then
You're just another target of that mainstream marketing
So don't get caught up in the bullsh*t and the visuals
Open ya eyes and try and be an individual, yeah

Shout-out to Odd Future
Shout-out to Bruno Mars
Shout-out to B.o.B
Weekly 16's

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