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"Freaks and Geeks"

Yeah, Weekly 16's Number 2

Young man with a pen, and they all use to laugh at me
Haters in my ear screaming: "Tim it's never happening"
Mind full of dreams and a heart filled with gasoline
Now my face on screens and my pictures in the magazines
I got fans from Sydney to Manilla
Asian people scream my name got me feeling like Godzilla
Yellow bone vanilla, she licked me like a lollipop
Banging out her bumper you should take her to the body shop
"Tim you should probably stop, you'll never get a deal"
f*ck a deal, do you know how incredible it feels
To pay your family's bills and you did it by yourself?
Self made, self paid, f*ck everybody else
I'm the #1 Boss making paper like The Office
Buy my chic 30 Rocks she can wear 'em like a locket
Recreations on my feet so I'm moving so fluently
My clique is the one that should be cancelled- Community

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